Trump is at it again, openly defying John Bolton, his national security adviser. Their good cop, bad cop, dove and hawk, cloak and dagger routine sows nothing but confusion, and it throws the nation once more into a perplexing quagmire of foreign policy.

Most of their disagreement is at the moment centered on Iran, though from day to day getting a true bead on where they stand is not easy. They appear to be also on different pages when it comes to other countries, particularly North Korea where Trump is a cheerleader for Kim Jong-un. Recent tweets from Trump that Kim’s missiles are nothing to be alarmed about are absolutely mindboggling.

And it’s fairly predictable that Trump will be out of sorts after hearing Special Counsel Mueller’s first public address on the Russia probe Wednesday morning.

Ever since the Mueller report was released, Trump has been on the defensive and last week he tweeted at least four false claims, mainly that Mueller had found no obstruction of justice, of which the opposite is true. Not only did he find obstruction of justice, his hands were tied when it came to bringing charges as that is the province of the attorney general.

Perhaps on Wednesday we will learn a bit more about this key part of the investigation as well as additional information of the 500 or so witnesses interrogated by the counsel and his team. But that is probably a futile hope because Mueller will turn to the report and offer that as his final conclusions. In short, we doubt if there will be anything revelatory about his statement that we already know, particularly since no questions will be allowed from the press.

Besides Mueller’s words—and he has announced he will be leaving the Justice Department—there are the charges by Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, that the Trump administration is covering up the death of a 10-year-old migrant girl from El Salvador. The girl apparently died in September 2018, but her death was not reported.

“It’s outrageous that another child has died in government custody and that the Trump administration didn’t tell anybody,” said Castro, whose twin brother, Julián, is a presidential hopeful. Is this more skullduggery by the Trump administration and one of its agencies?

This, like the Mueller probe, Trump’s tax returns, and other pertinent matters pertaining to the Trump administration, demands further inquiry, though it’s hard to believe Trump will open an investigation.

As usual, there is so much going on that it’s difficult to determine where to point the microscope, what issue to pursue and ferret out the truth. Mass confusion and distractions have been the hallmark of the Trump administration and its master of obstruction.

Even so, we will continue to do our best to report on the hoodwinking from the Oval Office with the sole purpose that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!