Elton John's patterned outfits designed by Richard James Saville Row (280910)

To celebrate the musical “Rocketman,” Savile Row tailor Richard James and Swarovski have co-curated in-store displays in New York and London with original outfits from Elton John’s legendary career. For spring/summer ’19, Richard James designed an “Enter the Dragon” themed collection. Featuring light, yet vibrant, colors, the line was a kick back to the sultry 1970s in Hong Kong.

Singer Elton John is a longtime friend of the Richard James brand. He gave James access to his personal archive to facilitate the loan of a few key Richard James outfits including his “Dot” suits and a crystal tailcoat that John wore during his Las Vegas residency. These two pieces showcase Richard James’s exquisite craftsmanship. The clothes are injected with a sense of humor that reflects John’s charismatic personality.

“We are thrilled to co-curate this inspirational fashion showcase, which celebrates our one history of collaborations with Elton John and our partnership with costume designer Julian Day on the costumes of ‘Rocketman,’ stated Nadja Swarovski, member of the Swarovski executive board. “Our crystals have been adding signature sparkle to Elton’s wardrobe for decades, it is a pleasure to see them shining in Richard James Savile Setting.”

Some of the display’s highlights include: 1) Bespoke Swarovski-crystal trimmed tailcoats that were part of Elton John’s glittering wardrobe for his “The Million-Dollar Piano” residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that ran from 2011-2018.

2) The “Dot” collection, comprised of matching 2-piece suits and shirts. Sir Elton John wore the pink/yellow dots look for his 2001 Grammy Awards performance with U.S. rapper Eminem as well as a “Got Milk” advert by the American dairy industry the same year.

There were three signature looks on display at the Richard James Savile Row store on Park Avenue through June 7, 2019. To celebrate the display, James created a limited run of eight t-shirts, all featuring a Swarovski crystal rocket emblem. The t-shirts retail at $260, and will be available in-store and online.

“I remember the first time I met Richard. I’d popped into the Joseph men’s shop and was bowled over by the most striking sunflower ties,” commented Elton John. “I flipped them over to see the eponymous label: Richard James Savile Row. I hadn’t seen anything this fresh in years. Naturally, I got the address and headed there immediately.”

“Elton John has great individual style and he’s never been afraid to express himself, so he represents what Richard James is all about,” said Sean Dixon, founder and managing director, Richard James. “He has been an incredibly supportive friend and a customer since we opened our first store in 1992, and Richard James wouldn’t be what it is today without Elton John. As I hope this small tribute demonstrates, it’s always an honor to dress him.”