When we heard the news that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was packing it in and stepping down from her roost where she consistently cooed and crowed in defense of her boss, folks wondered if this was just another spin of Trump’s revolving door, ejecting aides and appointees.

No matter. She announced that at the end of the month she’s gone, and the other day we learned that Trump, the incompetent incumbent, and his campaign had fired several pollsters for telling the truth about his failing numbers against Sen. Joe Biden, the leading Democratic contender.

Before they were shown the door, the pollsters reported that Trump trailed Biden in critical battleground states—39 to 55 percent in Pennsylvania; 41 to 51 percent in Wisconsin; and by 7 points in Florida.

The last thing a Trump associate or aide wants to do is to report bad news to the boss, and to even cough during an interview, as his Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney did while Trump was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, is to draw a chastising and being asked to leave the room.

Well, being asked to leave the room is not like departing all together as Sanders will soon be doing or being pink-slipped like some of the pollsters. But Mulvaney should take heed because being sent from the room could be a harbinger of a more severe banishment.

Except for the possible loss in pay, Sanders and the pollsters should feel relieved, particularly if they were toiling under duress, having to express feelings and information they knew was false just to please the boss.

The situation with the pollsters is clear-cut but it may take some time to know exactly what happened with Sanders’ departure, though it was curious that she hadn’t done a press briefing in nearly a hundred days. As for Mulvaney, Trump is known to take umbrage with surrogates who make even the smallest mistake, commit even an iota of disapproving decorum.

And so the carousel of doom outside the Oval Office with the incompetent incumbent as ringmaster continues to spin irreversibly toward chaos and uncertainty—and the nation is taken along on this perilous ride.

Remember Anthony Newley’s musical “Stop the World: I Want to Get Off”? We are not ready to get off, but we are seriously interested in doing away with the man creating the spin and the only alternative we have is: Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!