President Donald Trump (274118)
Credit: White House photo

The occupant of the Oval Office is back on point again, that is, Trump has renewed use of a well-oiled weapon of attack: replace Obamacare.

To Trump and his team there is no better target than health care or Obamacare to get his presidential repeat campaign underway, though many GOP members believe that approach is a nonstarter and could be disastrous.

None of their cautionary concerns will deter Trump from forging ahead with that same old promise that Americans have heard since he first entered the presidential run four years ago.

On Sunday evening, in an interview aired on ABC News, he said, “Obamacare has been a disaster,” and then explained that his plan would be less expensive. “You’ll see that in a month when we introduce it. We’re going to have a plan. That’s subject to winning the House.”

Apparently Trump’s renewal of his stance against Obamacare is to usurp the Democratic candidates’ proposals, thereby taking the impetus from whatever the candidates put on the platform or choose as their niche.

No doubt health care will be debated by the hopefuls, though several of them have already put forth plans that include “Medicare for All,” which Trump is sure to view as far-fetched and unrealistic.

Whatever plans evolve from Trump or the Democratic candidates would not take effect until after a vote from Congress in 2021, so all of the contenders in both parties can dangle their dreams to no end.

But as most voters know, promises are made and remade during the campaign run, and they often shoot over the rainbow with little possibility of ever becoming law.

At the moment, according to the latest polls, former Vice President Joe Biden leads Sen. Bernie Sanders by 22 percent. This gap between them is similar to the one that separates them on health care with Biden choosing a public option plan over Sanders’ Medicare for All or single payer.

Whether public option or Medicare for All, Trump will unleash a fusillade of rejection no matter what program surfaces from his opponents.

Meanwhile, whatever his plan, it still hasn’t been fully hatched, and remains undisclosed.