Spring/Summer '19 designs by Alessandro Trincone (281360)
Credit: Contributed

Italian designer Alessandro Trincone, owner of the brand that bears his name, introduced elaborate costumes for genderless clients. Growing up in the outskirts of Naples, where people looked at his creativity with strong skepticism, wasn’t easy for this young designer. However that hostility didn’t stop him from creating artistic fashion looks. In fact, it made his instincts to create fashion that both men and women could wear stronger. Indeed, all of the prejudices toward him and his designs encouraged him to push forward with his dream to become a designer. The process becomes vital, and it is where the concept of ‘genderless’ came from. His high-quality, couture-like collection is elegant.

During his teenage years, he transformed his artful designs into beautiful styles. Using typically feminine fabrics like chiffon, silk and tulle on men became his eccentric and recognizable signature. At his first presentation on the spring/summer ’19 New York Fashion Week runway, Trincone’s ensembles received rave reviews.

After receiving a degree in Costume and Fashion Studies (in 2012) from the University of La Sapienza in Rome, he moved to Florence where he earned a master’s degree at the European Institute of Design. Eventually, he received a scholarship at Osaka Bunka Fashion College in Japan, where he found his authentic inspiration for this line.

In 2016, he caught the eye of the Atlanta rapper Young Thug who chose a particular piece from Allesandro’s “Annodami” collection, shown in New York. Young Thug wore the outfit for the cover of his album, “No my name is Jeffrey.” The photo of the singer posing dramatically in a skirt-like garment and an umbrella-shaped hat that was inspired by Japanese kimonos and trousers, hit the internet just before the album’s release. It caused controversial whirls around the world. For many, the outfit was considered too feminine and far from stereotypical rap culture. The cover became iconic and the controversial skirt was the finest expression of the blurred-lines between genders concept. Keep an eye on this designer who’s on the move.