In a recent press release the National Black Theatre reminds its audience that this weekend on the 29th of this month will be your last opportunity to view “125th & Freedom” which the theater will present. The performance will take its audience on an adventure from the East River all the way to the Hudson River. Instead of standing idle the audience will become a part of the performance which will be done through “a mix of dance, poetry, music and more.” Furthermore a variety of issues will be tackled through these various art forms; these issues include but are not limited to the issue of gentrification, displacement and even asks the question, “If Harriet Tubman were alive today, how would she free Black people?” The show made its official debut earlier this month June 8 and is “the culmination of a 50th anniversary season of the trailblazing theater.” The event will be composed of 16 “movements” and will even feature a New-Orleans style brass band. It sees “A victorious, but battle-weary tribe of nomads led by Tubman’s descendants on an epic journey to a land of promised liberation.” This event will be free-for-all who wish to view the event for the first or the last time.

In a phone interview we spoke with the Artistic Director Jonathan McCrory where he talked about the message they personally wish to convey with this event and what he hopes the audience will gain by attending. He spoke about the event being a “celebration of returning to our roots [NBT] forged by Dr. Teer.” He also spoke about how the event conveys “utilizing art as a tool and it being an accessible piece.” Now, when it comes to the discussion of accessibility the event itself will be free as McCrory stated that they are “invested in presenting a work that doesn’t present any barriers.” Moving on to the second question in regards to what he hoped for the audience to gain from this show, McCrory spoke of how “They get to have a relationship with what it means to be free” and he also highlighted how they are asking, “How are we doing a self-check on our own freedom, of love and liberation?” This event truly aims to be one of a kind event as NBT closes out its 50th anniversary. The final bow of this performance will be from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. this weekend Saturday, June 29. Participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes as the event will be a moving performance.