Far too many media mavens and mavericks have taken to their devices cheering Trump’s halt of a military attack on Iran. Whoa, Nellie! As we see it, no hoopla or praise is warranted for a supposed show of concern for a crisis he created.

Trump is like a pyromaniac who starts a fire and then rushes in to save those trapped in the blaze, though it’s hard to believe that he would demonstrate such courage. But there’s no doubting that he has been the creator of crisis after crisis and then taking the praise for curtailing or subduing it.

Consider the Mexican border crisis and the snatching of children—this is a crisis he generated and one that remains a troubling problem. The government shutdown was something he fomented and then took credit

for reopening.

Remember all of his consternation about the looming attack from North Korea, and then how his meeting with Kim put that crisis on hold?

Whether on immigration, climate change and global warming, health care or tariffs, Trump has been responsible for making bad situations worse, and then stepping in as though he has the answer. When the fires were raging on the West Coast he proposed a couple of stupid remedies, again exposing his ignorance.

Crisis management is not among his strong points, but time after time he has shown he is a master at developing one. And he doesn’t have to manufacture them since they surround him daily right in the White House. Currently, he is getting ready to welcome yet another new person to the circle of dunces after the departure of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A new press secretary is not the answer to the ongoing crises that he perpetuates.

Yes, it was good that he stopped the military attack on Iran, but why did it even get to the point of a possible World War III? You would think that long before acceding to the wishes of a television host some consultations on the consequences of such an attack would have been discussed with his military advisers.

Okay, we know! This is the Trump administration where incompetency is the order of the day and to expect anything otherwise is out of the question.

What’s the next crisis? One is surely coming, just as sure as our demand that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!