Last month after the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration had an inadequate justification for adding a citizenship question to the Census, Trump was not about to take that as a final decision. He has threatened to implement an executive order to get his way.

Along with his defiance of the Supreme Court, he may have to challenge a federal appeals court ruling on Tuesday that he cannot block people on Twitter because he disagrees with their statements.

Add to this his recent bashing of British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, who rightfully concluded that the White House is dysfunctional, and we might add so is the occupant.

More egregious, Trump has defended Alexander Acosta, his embattled secretary of labor, despite growing calls for his resignation for his connection in providing leniency for financier Jeffrey Epstein who faced and is facing charges of sex trafficking of underage girls.

It’s problematic for a so-called president to be embroiled in tax returns and possible violations of emoluments, and quite another to defend an appointee involved in reducing charges against a pedophile.

Spreading around Trump is a swamp of accusations any one of which could drag him deeper into impeachment, a reality that becomes larger each day among Democrats in Congress. Our hope at this hour is that one of the chairs of the three committees now given the go ahead by Gov. Cuomo shows some gumption and demands his state tax returns.

Yes, we heard the news that Trump’s approval ratings have climbed to 44 percent, according to a recent poll, but it should be noted that the same poll reported that his disapproval rating was 53 percent.

It’s time for the Democrats to rally around this discontent, push ahead on measures to get his tax returns, and stop the destructive, internecine fighting that brings nothing but division.

Rarely has there been a better time to go after Trump; never has he been more vulnerable, a troubled man looking for a sanctuary.

We must provide him no hiding place, no place to run to, not even his base, which may be the last refuge of this scoundrel as we insist that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!