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It was a magnanimous effort when Duke Concept partnered with Rwandan Orphans Project and hosted their first annual Regal Charity Ball to raise awareness and funds for thousands of children in Rwanda who do not have access to health care.

The charity ball was held at the Capital Ballroom in New York. Attendees were highly recommended to wear elegant attire. Many wore African attire, but there was a few who wore western gowns.

The first half of the event was dedicated to networking. Along with a red carpet event, there was also a Q&A about the charity and the importance of it. Shortly after 10 p.m., it was time to party. Along with the party, there was a few live performances including violinist Yanelli Lamour, Konpa dancers Bev Flowers and Mr. Gouyad, and Judith & The Afro-Afrique Dancers. Celebrity guests who stopped by were dancehall artist and “Love & Hip Hop” star Spice came and African entertainer Afro B.

The organizers let it be known that there is no secret that health insurance for a child in Rwanda is roughly U.S. $10, but there are thousands of families who are having a hard time paying for their child’s health care. And because of the lack of health care that these children have, they are more easily sick, aren’t able to attend school and are more likely to remain in their poverty status. This creates a continuous cycle of poverty and inadequacy in health care.

Not only does the Rwandan Orphans Project organization host charities but they also have programs dedicated to housing and education. Most of the children who are a part of the organization are orphans who had parents/family members who died from diseases, or they lived in abusive households or simply can’t afford to be taken care of. The children range between 6 to 16 years of age. This organization has been operating for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of children.

“We believe that it is important to always help out if we can to those who are unfortunate,” said a representative from Duke Concepts. “Whether it’s $10 or $100, you’ll never know what difference you can make for that person.”

Duke Concept is a known event production and management company based in New York. For years, Duke Concept has dedicated their service across the states and Africa to provide African entertainments and events. They are widely known for hosting concerts, award shows and representing some of the hottest African entertainers like Davido and Olamide.

Both the Rwandan Orphans Project and Duke Concept wanted to make a difference and decided to host the Regal Ball as a fundraiser to raise at least $200,000 for the Rwandan children.

On the behalf of both organizations, they would like to thank those who came to the June 8 event and donated to the cause.

For more information about the organizations or the fundraiser please go to their GoFundMe page Kids Deserve Healthcare – A Regal Ball Campaign.