For some of my Talking SCHOP! longtime readers, you might remember a period when I was on an eating program called The Plan from New York Times best-selling author and former Harlem resident, Lyn-Genet Recitas. The core exercise of The Plan is to eliminate and manage foods causing inflammation in the body, effecting overall health and wellness.

While on The Plan I lost 20 pounds by first cleansing my body of all things I love—animal protein, dairy, salt, sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates. After the cleanse I slowly (very slowly) integrated these items back into my diet in a controlled testing way evaluating their effect on my body through daily weight gain. “Safe” foods, I saw little to no weight gain. “Non-safe” foods caused weight gain (inflammation) from .02-2+ pounds for which I would return to the cleanse until my weight normalized.

The Plan was effective for many people, but like anything worth doing well, it took a lot of time, attention and commitment. Being in food, cooking, writing and events, it became too much for me to manage, but it gave me the tools to learn the foods, food combinations and a cleanse routine for which to follow. Thank you, Lyn-Genet!

If I have piqued your interest in The Plan, awesome! If I then dissuaded you with my “life in food” backpeddling, have I got great news for you. Lyn-Genet has opened her first restaurant in Hamilton Heights called Lyn-Genet’s Kitchen (3473 Broadway, 646.590.0554,

All of the work original Plan users had to do, like preparing the cleanse or determining what clean and “safe” foods to eat, are taken care of in a country cabin space with a full bar and wine menu curated by Lyn-Genet, a former sommelier. There is a little something for every omnivore, vegetarian and vegan alike.

A couple of friends and I went to the soft opening a couple of months back to see the new space and of course try the food. We began with some appetizers of potato bacon cheddar croquettes, avocado fries and my favorite of the whole meal, warm kale salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries and pepitas. For our entrees we shared the branzino with vegetables and the lamb burger and finished with some Plan-friendly desserts.

There were some cookery issues I brought to Lyn-Genet’s attention, as any customer who wants to see a restaurant win should do. However, there is a large opportunity for the food to evolve and develop as Lyn continues to get feedback from customers and The Plan clients alike.

Continued success Lyn-Genet! Cin cin!

Happy eating and thanks for reading!

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