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Whether you are wearing a weave, a wig, or your own hair, your hair is your crown and glory. Your hairstyle can set the mood of your outfit. If you have questions about styling your hair, it’s best to seek the services and advice from a professional.

Today, most women you see on the street are not wearing their own hair. Perms are no longer the norm and women are turning to wigs and weaves that can be styled in braids, dreads, naturals, or just straight hair. With regards to styles, colors, textures and shapes, the variety is endless. Lengths vary from short, and medium lengths to really long. Color reigns. Women are even wearing partial weaves, adding hair in the front, top or back of their heads. The real news is that men are wearing weaves, wigs and hair pieces in all shapes and styles, too! No, we are not going back to the George Washington days. Our hair is free, or maybe we are more free-thinking about our hair.

Glo’s Hair Studio, located at 4116A White Plains Rd., Bronx, NY specializes in wig installations and weaves. Creating wigs and working on weaves, for their clients, are a major part of their business. A licensed cosmetologist, salon owner Ms. Gloria Chambers works on wigs and weaves in a variety of colors. “The techniques are more advanced today, in creating and applying wigs and weaves,” she explained. “Instead of attaching weaves directly to a client’s hair, it’s best to work with netting as a buffer between your hair and the weave.” Netting comes in various shapes and textures, and many manufacturers sell their hair pieces with nets that can be easily attached via glue or sewn on your hair. For women who want to wear a part in front or side, this method of wearing a wig is perfect. A natural hair line is created and you really cannot see where your hair begins or ends. Your hair is braided underneath it all and the results are amazing. It’s a way for women to preserve their own natural hair while wearing hair pieces.

However, it’s also necessary to care for your own hair while wearing a hair piece, weave or a wig. Your scalp and hair must be constantly moisturized and conditioned, and must breathe and have access to air. When your hair is dry, it breaks off. Chambers recommends that you change your wig and weave regularly.

Glo’s Hair Studio offers perms, color, wash & set, press & curl, blow dry, cuts, coloring, extensions, weaves, and wigs, and also sells hair in bundles. You need three bundles of hair for an entire head of hair. Prices for services and products vary, yet are affordable.

There is more hair freedom than ever. There are hair products for everything, every condition and every type of hair. Shopping, reading labels (just like you do for foods), and finding the best hair products for your hair type is key.

Although Glo’s is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and some walk-ins are accepted, they prefer to take clients by appointments only. For appointments, call 347-436-5153 or 718-708-7705. Stop by for a consultation, and tell them you read about Glo’s in the New York

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Note: In this summer’s heat, protect your hair and skin from the sun, sea and chlorine water. Hair must be rinsed after each visit to the sea or pool. Wear sunscreen. Conditioners and moisturizer are absolutely necessary, especially when you go to the beach or pool. Enjoy the remainder of the summer. The weather is gorgeous!