While we are certainly alarmed to learn that the Trump administration, through the U.S. Department of Interior, where Wilber Ross is the overseer, is in the process of changing how the Endangered Species Act will be implemented, the move is consistent with Trump’s outlook on all things living, and a few dead.

For several years now this wildlife conservation law has been very effective, something that former President Obama can take credit for, and this obviously pricks Trump. According to reports, there are more bald eagles in flight and more grizzly bears on the prowl.
But eagles, bears, flora and fauna are endangered on a planet where Trump insists global warming and climate change are fake news.

Yes, we are concerned about this most immediate impending prospect for our animals, but every living thing on earth is endangered by a dangerous Trump.

No matter where you turn—and there is no safe refuge—his brutal thud can be heard and felt, his inhuman tweets and policies pervasive and destructive.

Immediate danger looms for those hoping to acquire a green card with Trump putting into effect a measure that would favor the rich over the poor.

Again, we should not be astonished since this has been his modus operandi from the start of his occupancy of the Oval Office.

It remains baffling and troubling that he could be receiving record number of small donors to his re-election campaign, but that says a lot about too many Americans who agree with his demeaning, debilitating policies.

Many readers feel we are beating a dead horse, but a larger number suggest that we should not stop beating that horse or Trump until he is thoroughly beaten, most crucially, electorally in 2020.

Until then, we will listen to our majority of respondents that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!