Spring/summer 2020 designs from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (284102)

At Madrid’s recent Fashion Week, designer Custo Dalmau created a sensational collection for the brand Custo Barcelona. The Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, created their company back in the early 1980s after being inspired by California’s fashions, surfer style and psychedelia. The spring/summer 2020 collection was filled with bright colors, mixed and matched pieces and innovative looks. Today, Custo Barcelona offers women ideas of how to dress for their lifestyle. The look is creative, as they seek to discover women’s figures through experimental lines. They design for women who are not afraid to speak up and want to be heard. They have shown their collection many times at New York Fashion Week.

Twice a year, the city of Madrid becomes one giant runway showing off the most sought-after creations by fashion’s leading visionary designers from all-around the world, both established and new names. On these occasions, the latest trends for spring/summer 2021 can be discovered. ​Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid takes the pulse of the latest fashion trends. Like all fashion week events, it’s a meeting place for creators, press and fashionistas who are reviewing the most important trends that will define next season’s style.

Devota & Lomba, created by Modesto Lomba and Luis Devota, has been a flagship Spanish brand since 1988. That same year, they received the National Cristobal Balenciaga Award for best New Designers.

For Madrid’s Fashion Week, their clothes were distinctively designed. Like parts of an eclectic garden, each garment told a story that was full of life and serenity. There were beautiful floral prints as well as two-toned combinations. Details included baroque ruffles and bows and exquisite handcrafted touches that provided freshness and a maritime feel. For day, flared and straight cut skirt lengths were just below the knee. Evening gowns were opulent. Fabrics included gauze, silk and structured linens that gleamed in white, blue, pink and vivid yellow. Stylish handbags accessorized each outfit in smart bright colors.

Angel Schlesser’s design firm was established in 1983 by fashion maestros Angel Fernandez and Ovejero and Juan Rufete. Their high-profile brand is extremely successful in Spain, where they design for an urban, active, spirited woman who is practical and loves elegance. Their clothes are current and deceptively simple in fine fabrics. For spring/summer 2020, their collection was based on a natural color palette sprinkled with orange rust, granite blue and slate green. Their clothes were made in linen, cotton and wool with a washed effect that added to nuances without dulling them. The rustic textures of linens were offset by wool in technical finishes. Denim looks were tailored, a new approach for this season. Wool, always present as a super material, was used to create hand-pleated dresses that dominated the collection.