Trump’s former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has written a book that includes discussion of his turbulent tenure. There is no intention on our part to read the book but advance notices indicate there are implicit swipes at Trump’s leadership, and a warning of the administration’s fractured alliances and increasing divisiveness.

One of Mattis’s comments strikes as particularly telling: “A polemicist’s role is not sufficient for a leader. A leader must display strategic acumen that incorporates respect for those nations that have been with us when trouble loomed.”

Were the traits cited by Mattis required before someone took command of the nation, Trump would be quickly

eliminated, completely disqualified.

Furthermore, Mattis said that America “cannot go it alone.” And this is another grave concern since Trump has consistently taken stands, proposed policies that—all things considered—amount to absolute dictatorial control and mandates.

Strategic acumen, as mentioned by Mattis, is certainly not part of Trump’s capabilities; in fact, the ongoing debacle and imbroglio with China and the trade war is a clear indication that the man is unhinged, unmoored, and taking the nation down a precipice-like economic slope that could lead to another devastating recession, and—even worse—to more military conflict, precipitated by his bull-headed diplomacy.

Mattis is on point to suggest that Trump is a polemicist, and he could very well be termed the poster boy for such an individual. Since his arrival in the White House he has done nothing but attack people, countries, institutions and organizations with unrelieved vitriol. And with 2020 looming even closer, there is little reason that his blatant, demeaning and insults will tamper down.

Instability is one word that has often been applied to Trump’s behavior, and let us add incompetent, intemperate, and indecisive and you are close to a complete profile of someone totally unfit to govern anything, especially the top office in the land.

So, where are we as the world tumbles into chaos from the four corners of the globe—and, more immediately, here at home? As a leaderless nation we are imperiling the planet, and Trump’s ignoring the climate change session at the recently concluded G-7 Summit only exacerbates the menacing conditions we face.

What’s to be done? Well, you know where we stand on this so-called polemicist—to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!