On several occasions we have referred to Trump as the mischief-commanding-officer, but we were advised to call him the commander-in-thief, and that title is given fresh currency with his move now to loot the Pentagon—that is, divest funds from scheduled military projects—to build a wall along the nation’s southern border.

Such a measure is not only deleterious for the various military infrastructure projects, it also jeopardizes funds that may be needed to assist East Coast states now menaced by Hurricane Dorian.

But the outcome of the damage from the hurricane would fall into the category of climate change and global warming, and, of course, we know that does not configure in Trump’s worldview. His position on climate change was evident during the recent G-7 Summit in France where he igged that session.

That igging gives rise to other Trump ignorance, including how daft he is on geography, which he apparently knows nothing about when he tweeted that Dorian would hit Alabama, perhaps assuming the state was on the East Coast. This would be laughable, if it were not so alarmingly tragic.

Dumber yet was his alleged strategy to halt hurricanes with nuclear weapons, and that preposterous plan is reminiscent of his idea that the fires raging on the West Coast could be curtailed by raking the leaves.

Some of his harebrained proposals fall within what one commentator termed his “delusions of divinity,” that he has this almighty power to alter what Mother Nature has set in motion, what Father Time has decreed.

His dictatorial behavior that untethered demeanor according to several psychologists puts us all at risk, not only those bracing for the brunt of Dorian.

In the long run we have to deal with the devastation that occurs from moment to moment from Hurricane Donald, and those ravages are social, political, cultural, economic and psychological.

It is incalculable to determine the exact toll he has had on our well-being, and worse yet what looms ahead should he continue his reign.

Yes, the best way to batten down as Hurricane Donald gathers force is to call on that old democratic act and vote him out of office and not wait for impeachment which is like waiting for Godot. There is only one way to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!