It’s New York Fashion Week and fashion designers are on the hoof! Yesterday, Sept. 4, 2019, ICY presented four emerging Chinese designers with outstanding spring/summer 2020 women’s and men’s fashion collections at NYFW. Working under the platform of ICY, a Chinese-based brand, their runway show, held at Spring Studios featured designers Leaf Xia, Eva Xu, HIUMAN and Fengyi Tan, presenting their spring/summer 2020 collections, titled “ICY Presents: Dynasty.” The show was created from the “ICY Presents: Palace” showcase that was held in Shanghai this past February ’19. For inspiration, each designer turned to a different historical Chinese dynasty. They selected their themes based on the epoch’s distinct artistic style.

Their stylistic decision was made to highlight traditional Asian culture with a modern update.

ICY Founder YingYing Gu launched the company in 2017. They focus on clients, ages 20-35, to support emerging designers and the latest trends. With the help of investments from the FOSUN Fashion Group, who owns Lanvin and Wolford, the project was made a reality.

The platform identifies new designers, and they are looking to expand with American and European designers within the next two years. ICY covers the entire cost of creating the collection, with the exception of the initial sample set. They work with the designers to create a diffusion line. The designers receive payment based on sales of each item on the company’s site. “I find that New York Fashion Week is wonderfully diverse and welcoming toward emerging designers,” said ICY founder YingYing Gu. “We were looking forward to presenting our collections on an international platform! We’re hoping to attract new designers through the showcase.”

The designs and presentation of the four designers was interesting. Hiuman Chau founded HIUMAN’s clothing brand in 2014. His collection draws inspiration from the natural surroundings that he encounters while traveling. He studied in Paris under designer John Galliano. The brand combines practicality for travel and the simplicity of Eastern clothing silhouettes. This is the first time HIUMAN showed his womenswear collection under the ICY Presents: Dynasty showcase.

Leaf Xia, a Parsons graduate, is an advanced contemporary womenswear brand. Based in Shanghai and New York, this brand caters to an independent, candid and daring woman. Fenjyi Tan creates contemporary women’s sportswear using elastic materials. The collections are inspired by space, movement, and contemporary dance choreography and modern art.

Eva Xu founded ALL COMES FROM NOTHING (ACFN). She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, and earned an MFA degree. Each piece yields to the individual, allowing a woman’s inner identity to shine.