Whimsical color palettes, artistic fabric manipulations and ethereal elegance led the way for the first show from Global Fashion Collective. They featured three young designers including Glaze Kohl, Xunero and Jessica Chang Studio. Their colors, prints and fabrics were soft, pretty and elegant.

Global Fashion Collective is a platform supporting creative designers from around the world. The collective produces runway showcases in different fashion capitals with the aim to accelerate the designers’ global development and increase their international media visibility.

First to hit the runway was Japanese brand Glaze Kohl who brought a collection of timeless vintage elegance to the space. Evoking the spirit of a chic summer vacation, satins, linens and georgette crepe made for an enchanting display. With shapes and silhouettes reminiscent of a bygone era, a color palette of dusky pastels and monochrome paired beautifully with Japanese made fabrics. Accents of sheer chiffon added a fresh dimension to classic pieces that ring true to Glaze Kohl’s timeless and chic aesthetic with a color palette reminiscent of a summer in Japan.

Moving to a slower paced entrance, the Chinese brand Xunruo welcomed the second collection to hit the GFC runway. Hypnotic washes of romantic and uniquely painted colors set the stage. Xunruo opened up their segment with warm rusty oranges and pinks that were paired with elegant mini dresses styled with puffed sleeves. The twin designers of this collection enhanced their looks with romantic expression. Historical Chinese influences came from an ancient Chinese paint style, Dun Huang, coming through in the use of intricate embroidery and mandarin collars. These clothes were created with a playful use of fabric including pretty organza fabrics. It was so soft, yet luxurious in a way.

To close the show, Jessica Chang Studio created a flowing and ethereal atmosphere. Lending the collection’s theme name “Undercurrent” to the line, her clothes focused on the immeasurable strength of a woman. The looks were inspired by the relationship the designer has with her mother. Soft silks, satins and organza swept the stage in shades of silken creams, icy blues and luxurious grays that spoke beautifully to the collection’s message. The Taiwanese designer rounded out the show in a sea of majestic and flowing fabrics in hues that ring true to the emotions of grace and courage.

“We are bringing in more and more multicultural and inspiring designers each season to emphasize our commitment to diversity and innovative design,” stated GFC executive Jamal Abdourahman. For this show, the official sponsor credits include Hair by Jorge Luis on behalf of Milbon USA. Makeup magic was created by Michelle Strain on behalf of AOFMPro using Dermalogica.