Stepping across lines, be they political or moral, is a daily exercise for Trump, and recently he did both.

Most egregiously was his mocking of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden who addressed the U.N. Climate Summit, expressing deeply felt emotions about the crisis facing our planet. “People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing,” she said.

“We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy-tales of eternal economic growth,” she added, her remarks clearly aimed at Trump.

Trump tweeted in response to her statement, “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”

That he would mock Greta’s very serious feelings is something that we are sadly becoming accustomed to, and we were even more saddened when under his watch children at the nation’s southern border were being separated from their parents.

What is most remarkable about Greta’s words and perspective is that she, as a young girl, understands the dangers of global warming and climate change much better than a so-called world leader.

Rather than mocking her, Trump should embrace her viewpoint and take under advisement her warnings.

Speaker Pelosi said it very well about Trump’s betrayals of the Constitution, democracy and our political processes, but he has consistently betrayed a sense of human decency.

His failure to show any respect for a highly enlightened teenager, courageously dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome, is reflective of his abuse of power.

Not only does he feel he’s above the law, Trump also has a disregard for people suffering from physical, mental and economic calamities.

And what is even more distressing is that millions of Americans continue to stand by him, still believing he’s the answer to all that ails us as a nation with a warehouse of problems.

It’s good to know that help may be on the way to relieve us from his imperfections, and that help can’t come fast enough as we cry Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!