Credit: Bill Moore photo

Dear Gov. Cuomo,

The Amsterdam News reached out to you on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019, to clarify your use of the term, and I quote: “NIGGER WOP” in an interview on WAMC with Alan Chartock.  Your representative responded with a statement that still does not apologize for your use of the offensive language.

Well, Mr. Governor, we do not believe that that is adequate and an apology is necessary and expected.

Throughout the entire interview you were promoting the need for respect and tolerance of all people, yet you so casually and cavalierly were able to use that word, and then in your next iteration of the word used the socially accepted term the “N-word”—indicating to us that you were well aware of the impact of your word choice. 

Governor, the words you speak have power; please don’t fail us as you use your voice.

Elinor R. Tatum

Publisher & Editor in Chief