The Network Journal is hosting their 22nd annual “40 Under 40” achievement awards ceremony honoring impactful African American professionals this Friday at the Crowne Plaza Times Square. TNJ publisher Aziz Gueye Adetimirin created the magazine dedicated to providing news for Black professionals and small-business owners. His stellar events such as “40 Under 40” exists to put a spotlight on young African American achievers. This year’s list includes professionals from some of the most prestigious and successful corporations in the world—from Google to L’Oreal.

According to TNJ, “Honorees are chosen based on a palpable display of excellence in business, passion for achieving higher goals, and commitment to the community.”

One good example of these attributes is Suezette Yasmin Robotham, the diversity, equity and inclusion program manager at Google. She is one of the young professionals that will be honored at the ceremony this Friday.

“I feel truly blessed, humbled and honored to be included with this dynamic and wildly talented group of leaders and change agents,” says Robotham. “It is absolutely a ‘pinch me’ moment; and I’m grateful for this opportunity and the recognition.”

Having a job that partially centers around giving people equal opportunity, at one of the biggest and most desired companies in the world, means that Robotham holds a lot of power as an African American. Robotham has dedicated herself to not only being a hard worker in her own right, but also to pulling others in her community up the ladder with her.

“I believe that it is imperative that companies and organizations reflect the communities and world that they serve,” says Robotham. “It is my responsibility to create room, access, and opportunity for us at this table. I am a reflection of a beautiful, determined and resilient community, and will continue to open doors and build bridges as long as I have breath in my human form.”

To be featured in TNJ’s list of “40 Under 40,” one would have to have loads of drive and determination. Moreover, these honorees are proof of what a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence can do. Leviathan Winn, executive director and head of strategic development at JPMorgan Chase, has relied on these attributes to earn his success.

“While I feel success is earned each day,” says Winn, “I can attribute my measures of success to working hard, developing and maintaining relationships, and commanding a personal standard of excellence in the work product I deliver to fellow employees, customers and shareholders.”

Winn will also be honored at this Friday’s ceremony. And, with such intention put into building good relationships and a flourishing work environment, Winn has a group of people rallying behind him.

“This honor is a blessing, and I am overwhelmed by the level of support I have received from my fellow co-workers at JPMorgan Chase, colleagues across the nation and my family,” says Winn.

Robotham and Winn are just two examples of the many successful and driven people on the TNJ “40 Under 40” list. To learn more about these driven individuals and past “40 Under 40” lists, go to