Not only are we in Scorpio Season. Not only did we just experience a New Moon in Scorpio. Not only is today the day that Mercury goes Retrograde. But, it’s also Halloween! All Saint’s Day. Day of the Dead (on Nov. 2). This is the time of year when cultures all over the world are contemplating their dead. Just this morning I found an old cassette tape with my dearest departed’s handwriting on it. The veil is thin. We’re on an express train to the realms of the unknown. Scorpio season brings us face to face with our shadow. It’s a great time to work with the stuff that holds us down. What is preventing you from living your best life? Are you ready to release it?

ARIES: Mercury starts backward skating through your house of intimate connections today. You will feel nostalgic about past boos. You will want to reconnect with past boos. Aries, you are not thinking clearly. Do investigate old emotional patterns that don’t work. Do get honest with yourself. Do not call the hot-ex.

TAURUS: Who is giving you the honest truth about themselves? Who makes you feel like you are sharing power in a beautiful way? Who inspires you to become the person you know that you can be? If anyone is holding you to a version of yourself that you’re ready to release, politely say, BYE Felicia!

GEMINI: You get to review how you are treating that beautiful temple called your body this retrograde season. Is there a habit or two that you’re ready to drop? Is there a world where you learn two healthy recipes this month? OK, master one vegetable-based stew that you can freeze individual portions of and bring to work for lunch.

CANCER: So the trickster is skipping through your house of love, risk and romance. So don’t take part in any of those things. Kidding! But seriously folks, if you must wine and dine, go slow. Maybe a couple of daytime dates before getting down? No to-good-to-be-true investments.

LEO: What is the emotional climate at home? Are there some family stories that need to be reconsidered? Who have you become in relation to your parents, specifically, your mother? Be gentle with your heart this month, as you may discover some truths that initiate an emotional growth cycle that you were not expecting.

VIRGO: Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio is in your 3rd house of communications. Take this opportunity to get real with your peeps. Do you need to talk about that thing that happened before but your never said? Don’t reveal your deep secrets to just anyone! 3rd house can be gossipy. Scorpio keeps secrets.

LIBRA: It’s time to revisit how you make that money, darling. Are you feeling good about what you do? Do you feel aligned with the truths of your industry? Does your job line up with your values? How would you make your money if you could design the perfect job for you?

SCORPIO: All of the celestial action is taking place in your first house of self and personality and first impression. You are ch-ch-changing. You are ready to release the old form that was you. It’s time for self-forgiveness and the recreation of the self. Happy Birthday, Scorpio. My gift to you is YOU!

SAGITTARIUS: Get quiet and turn inwards Sagittarius. You’ve got some skeletons to tend to. Don’t we all. The retrograde season takes place deep in your subconscious where all of the stuff that we don’t want to deal with lives. Yay! Good news. Think of it as spring-cleaning. Get rid of some old tired life-draining shit.

CAPRICORN: Your Retrograde work resides in your social scene. Are those people good for you? Do they support the truth of who you are or are they just cool, powerful—and rich? We know you like status, boo. Use this season to get real with which groups you hang out with that reflect the best parts of you.

AQUARIUS: Your career, your public persona, and your daddy issues are on blast. Who do you want to be publicly? Is your professional persona working for you? Allow yourself to notice the types of grown-ups that you admire. Why? Cultivate these qualities in yourself. Being a grown-up IS fun!

PISCES: You are here to express as a unique expression of the divine and you are empowered to do right now. If you are thinking of building a media empire, the time is now. If you are thinking of going back to school, the time is now. You are becoming, expanding and growing into who you came here to be!