Credit: Bill Moore photo

After another uncomfortable loss, the Jets started the week off with rumors of trading Le’Veon Bell, Jamal Adams and Robbie Anderson. Defensive end Leonard Williams, their 2015 first round draft pick, the sixth overall was traded to the Giants, the Jets’ co-tenant at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s a rare and surprising move.

Logistically, from Williams’ stand point, it’s great because there’s no upheaval, no inconvenience of moving to a different locale. He’ll just have to get the address of the New York Giants practice facility and make sure that he now goes to their locker room in the stadium, but security will direct him if he forgets.

Williams, 25, a 6’5” 302 pound USC alum, was dealt for a third round draft pick in 2020 and a fifth round pick in 2021. The 2021 pick turns into a fourth-round pick if Williams, a free agent after this season, signs a contract extension.

From the Jets’ stand point, they’ve rid themselves of a player that has received mixed reviews during his time with them. He’s logged 17 sacks during his first four years here, zero this season. Now Jet coaches can focus on the problems at hand; fixing quarterback Sam Darnold, and their relationship with safety Jamal Adams.

After discovering that calls were either made or taken regarding an Adams’ trade before Tuesday 4 p.m. deadline, Adams went to Twitter about his meeting with Jets’ GM Joe Douglass last week.

“I sat down with the GM and Coach Gase and told them I want to be here in New York. I was told yesterday by my agent that the GM then went behind my back and shopped me around to teams, even after I asked him to keep me here! Crazy business.”

Adams, the Jets’ safety in his third season, drafted sixth in the first round in 2017, selected to the 2018 Pro Bowl, has been vocal about the team’s mounting losses.

“I just want to win,” said Adams after the Jets’ 29-15 road loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

“He feels like the rest of us do. He wears it on his sleeve,” said Jets’ head coach Adam Gase. “That’s what I love about him. He’s so competitive. He wants to win. To me, that’s what’s great about him.”

Adams is also quick to own up to and take responsibility for his mistakes. The Jaguars’ first score of the game, a 6-yard scoring pass was on him.

“The first one was on me,’’ noted Adams not running from any adversity, and not throwing any of his teammates under a bus. “I anticipated the play and I guessed wrong. I thought he was going to run an out, but he didn’t.”

Adams is man enough to tell you that he messed up, but there’s no room for messing up by him and teammates in the next five weeks. They play five of the NFL’s worst teams, the Miami Dolphins twice, the Giants, Washington, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Their resolve as a team will be tested now more than ever. Losses to either of these teams will drive them and fans crazy.

The Jets will have to do a better job of protecting Darnold. Darnold will have to do a better job of protecting himself and making decisions. And “I have to do a better job of calling plays,” acknowledged Gase. “It’s all of us.”