Faux fur fashion by N'ONAT (287062)

When it comes to fashion and fur, N’ONAT is making faux fur a desirable, yet stylish coat choice. Catering to consumers who are looking to purchase warm, guilt-free luxury coats and jackets, the distinctive brand utilizes high-quality fabrics. In terms of faux fur, Nihan Onat Petree, founder and creative director of N’ONAT, has set the bar high.

N’ONAT makes their faux furs almost indistinguishable, in both aesthetics and texture, from the real thing. From stitch to sale, the company’s mission is for you to dress fashionably while making cruelty-free choices. The brand donates a portion of their annual revenues to various animal rights organizations.

In establishing N’ONAT, Nihan utilized her 25 years as an Istanbul-based creative director, fashion designer and stylist for global fashion brands. She has dedicated her career to the outerwear market and gained a deep knowledge of the global fur industry. Through this work, she became acutely aware of ethically based resistance to the use of real fur, led by organizations such as PETA.

After establishing herself as an official New Yorker in 2014, she leaped at the opportunity to launch her own cruelty-free brand focusing on the needs of today’s woman and her must-have faux fur coats and jackets that are fun, sophisticated and timeless. “Designing fashion is not only about creating the current chic trend, it is also about conveying a meaningful message. You can look fabulous in my coats and jackets and feel good knowing no animal was killed to make you look that way,” stated Nihan Onat

As a designer, Nihan is one to watch. She’s bringing her new line of faux fur outerwear to a new level, and her line is now available in the U.S. She artfully combines distinctive designs with high-quality fabrics and pelage that is almost indistinguishable in look and feel from real fur. The meticulous craftsmanship of “Old World” ateliers shows in her garments. The results are coats and jackets that offer luxury and elegance at exceptional price-points. These lightweight pieces are very comfortable, wearable and attainable.