There is something so engaging and mesmerizing about hearing the masterful words of the late Ntozake Shange, through her brilliant piece, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf.” A moving rendition of this classic play is being performed at the Public Theater. This production will have you captivated as you experience the seven characters—who are only referred to as Lady in Blue, Lady in Brown, Lady in Orange, Lady in Red, Lady in Yellow, Lady in Green and Lady in Purple—telling the stories of the plights of Black women. Plights that have to do with not being recognized, valued, acknowledged; feeling hopeless and having to fight your way through the bad times.

These Ladies address so many issues that Black women have and continue to face. They show the varied sides and aspects of a Black woman’s love, motherhood, vulnerability and her strength to get through the worst of times. This is an offering that will have you cheering, clapping, nodding your head and sometimes trying to catch your breath. The words from these Ladies show that no man or anyone else should be able to have any kind of power over your self-esteem.

The ensemble cast is absolutely riveting and will take your breath away. The Lady in Blue, played by Sasha Allen, is incredible and she has one of the most phenomenal gospel voices you will have the divine pleasure of experiencing. The Lady in Red, played by Jayme Lawson, breaks your heart as she tells the tragic story of a mother of two and what the father of her children does.

Every actress on that stage delivers powerful performances that you will never forget. They sing and harmonize beautifully, and dance with grace and strength to the choreography of Camille A. Brown. The other cast members include Celia Chevalier as the Lady in Brown; Danaya Esperanza as the Lady in Orange; Adrienne C. Moore as the Lady in Yellow; Okwui Okpokwasili as the Lady in Green and Alexandria Wailes as the Lady in Purple. These Ladies bring the power and the might to these words and do so with the outstanding direction of Leah C. Gardiner.

“For Colored Girls….” is performed for a straight 90 minutes and its run has been extended through Dec. 8. Go and experience this testament to inner strength, sacrifice, grace, and beauty. Visit for more info.