A parade of witnesses at the impeachment hearings is delivering blow after blow to Trump and his administration. There’s no sympathy for this devil as his influence begins to wilt—his support meant little in the gubernatorial races in Kentucky and Louisiana.

On Wednesday when Ambassador Gordon Sondland is slated to testify we may get the coup de grace, a decisive, first-hand account of Trump’s attempt to get Ukraine’s president to investigate the Bidens, lest he lose the military support from the U.S.

Along with Sondland’s testimony, there are several other State Department employees prepared to bolster what has already been said about Trump and his shenanigans, a few of them beginning to clearly indicate high crimes and misdemeanors.

Add to this that investigations may begin as to whether Trump lied during the Mueller questions to him, and this should further keep Trump in the crosshairs of the Democrats’ attack on his legal and moral lapses.

So much of the impeachment process and its outcome will boil down to the extent that GOP members began to desert him, and certainly the court of public opinion will be at least a small factor in this development.

It’s good to know that the American public is being given a chance to form their own opinions about the impeachment, but it’s doubtful if many will change their views, particularly since most of them will choose to get their take on things from their favorite media outlets.

A recent survey, though rather limited, suggested that the country was as divided on this as just about everything else when it comes to politics and Trump. The only possible difference makers are those on the fence, waiting for some major occurrence to determine what side they take.

You would think by now there would be enough disclosures, enough implication of wrongdoing to sway even the most steadfast Trump supporter to at least begin to question his behavior.

But there is nothing as stubborn as a position founded on delusion and annealed in deception, which is part of the Trumpetism. How we wish we could snap our fingers and bring them out of this spell.

Mesmerized, hypnotized, or just willing dupes, we continue to be amazed by these Magateers, and their reluctance to hear the truth and denounce the bigot makes us all the more determined that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!