Every year my family and I look forward to starting the holiday season and getting that spirit by going to Radio City Music Hall and enjoying the opening night of the “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”—and spectacular it is! There is nothing that compares to the feeling of hearing organs playing Christmas music, putting everyone into the spirit of the holiday and just making you start smiling. Have you ever had a feeling of joy that you just couldn’t hold back, where you couldn’t keep a straight face? This Christmas Spectacular gives you that feeling from the beginning to the end.

The “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” is about tradition, something that is very important to me and my family. This is its 86th year! It starts off with the capacity crowd going wild when they see Santa Claus and his Rockettee Reindeer getting ready to bring him to Radio City Music Hall. Then you put on your 3D glasses and go with him on this marvelous, colorful, exciting journey to New York City.

Santa is so jolly as he comes down the aisle, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as he begins to talk about this holiday season. The Rockettes take the stage in dazzling costumes and perform the amazing “12 Days of Christmas.” Their synchronized, perfect dancing is an art form in and of itself. And all the families there thoroughly enjoyed it and rang out with thunderous applause.

I love when you can look around at the people in the audience and see someone for whom this is their first time seeing the performance. It’s just the wonder on a child’s face, the unbridled laughter and thrill of seeing this delightful show.

When Santa takes the stage again and talks about the importance of tradition, I can feel the excitement building up in me, because I know he’s about to introduce my absolute favorite number in the show and that is the “Nutcracker.” I absolutely adore this ballet. It is lovely, graceful and fun. It will succeed in charming anyone’s heart.

Another great number follows, the “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers,” a number that again features the skill and hard work of the Rockettes as they deliver moves with absolutely perfect timing. Every year they do it exactly the same perfect way. “New York at Christmas” is such a fun number with multiple elements: tourists, shoppers, skaters in Central Park and of course the lovely, gorgeously dressed Rockettes doing what they do best. A number that always makes everyone laugh and charms the soul is “Here Comes Santa Claus” performed to explain why you see so many Santas at Christmas time. This number is simply stunning to watch.

If you had any question about Santa’s workshop and what happens there you will definitely get a taste of it when watching the “Santa’s Workshop” number and you get to see Mrs. Claus and the elves. “Rag Dolls” is a number that is a total blast to watch. Each year, though I know exactly what’s coming, I so love and appreciate the talent of the Rockettes in the outcome of that number and the tap dancing is fantastic.

My soul is touched every time I hear the story of “The Nativity” and watch the beautiful execution of its telling. In the past, “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” used to end with the Nativity, but in recent years they have added “Christmas Lights” and I can understand why. It is an enchanting number that leaves you feeling the happiness of the season and it gives us all a dance to experience the Rockettes one more time!

You need to go and take your little ones or just yourself to experience the “Radio City Christmas Spectacular,” you will definitely be glad you did. For more information, visit Rockettes.com/Christmas.