A few days ago the New York Times posted an editorial of parodies, limericks and poems citing problems with Trump and his administration. We were not aware of the notice to contributors for their pieces, but had we known we would have gladly offered this one—with apologies to the great Romantic era poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her sonnet “How Do I Love Thee?”

Trumpeachable—How Do We Despise Thee?

How do we despise thee Trump let us count the ways.

We despise and distrust thee to the breadth and height of your imagined deep state

That our souls can reach when contemplating the measure of your hate

Particularly for your abuse of power and your aspersion of gays.

We resent you twenty-four hours of the day

And even more when you tweet and put down the press

Claiming they are the enemy of the people when it’s you we detest

Wishing the impeachment will send you on your way.

As president you never made the grade

So we denounce you with all the fervor of our youth

An accumulated wrath that will not fade

Even if you admit the lies and tell the truth

Or forgive all the atrocities you’ve made

As we take our derision and disgust to the voting booth.