Mayor Bill de Blasio (257718)
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City Hall and Communications Workers of America Local 1180 have come to a tentative agreement.

The tentative agreement for the union, which represents more than 8,100 administrative employees and supervisors in city government, spans just under four years. The contract would cost $206 million in total through Fiscal Year 2023. Members now have to ratify the deal.

“Our workers are the everyday heroes of our city, and their work deserves fair compensation,” stated Mayor Bill de Blasio. “From the people who ensure emergencies are responded to quickly to the managers who ensure our SNAP centers deliver essential services to families to the administrative assistants who help deliver every single transformational project, our city is safer, fairer and more equitable because of them.”

The tentative contract would include a 43-month term retroactive to May 6, 2018 and it expires in December 2021. There would be pattern wage increases of 2%, 2.25% and 3%.

CWA Local 1180 President Gloria Middleton said that the agreement was a long time coming.

“We are happy to have finally reached an agreement on this contract that will better the lives of our members in New York City and allow them to start the new year with more money in their pockets,” stated Middleton. “This tentative agreement continues the forward momentum we as a union have established thanks to the support and solidarity of our membership.”

CWA and the city also agreed to increase the contributions to the union’s training fund from $25 per employee to $100 per employee, increased longevity pay for all CWA 1180 members, assignment differential for legal coordinators at the Department of Correction and employees performing case management duties at SNAP centers, and other compensation enhancements. The contract also revises the salary structure for administrative managers as a result of the class-action settlement the city reached with the union earlier this year.

The city’s deal with another CWA chapter was actually ratified around the same time.

De Blasio also reached a contract agreement with CWA 1181 and CWA 1182 which runs through November 2021. It includes wage pattern increases of 2%, 2.25% and 3%. The contract is retroactive to June 6, 2017.

Local 1181, which represents 400 associate traffic enforcement agents, has also agreed to use available funding and a contract extension to fund an annuity along with a 1.63% additional general wage increase. The deal will cost the city $11.5 million through Fiscal Year 2023 and is covered by the city’s labor reserve.

The total cost of the agreement through Fiscal Year 2023 is $11.5 million and is covered by the labor reserve.

Local 1182’s deal will last over 46 months, is retroactive to Dec. 31, 2017 and expires in November 2021 with pattern increases of 2%, 2.25% and 3%.

CWA Local 1182 represents close 2,300 traffic enforcement agents.

De Blasio stated, “Seventy percent of city workers are now under contract during this round of negotiations, continuing our commitment to bring workers to the bargaining table.”