Spring/summer 2020 Bridal Designs by Reem Acra (288126)
Credit: Contributed

Designer Reem Acra’s Bridal collection at NYFW was sensational. The looks were glamorous, glorious, yet comfortable. For this show, Acra collaborated with Preston Bailey, an event designer and friend. Models pranced down the runway to Madonna’s tunes. There were six pretty flower girls, dressed in whispery pink enhanced with embroidery. There were several, exciting visual highlight. Acra’s bridal clothes were stunning!

The show opened with the bride in an all-white gown and a pink, crystal dusted wedding veil. She sang sweetly as the band played the music to “Lucky Star.” The collection flowed with a story-book theme. The models had fun in this show. Some danced, while others picked up their dresses and skipped. The color palette was pastel flavored, showing off shades of blush, nude. Styles were A-line, sleeveless glittery.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Acra attended an American University in Beirut for her undergraduate degree in business. She graduated magna cum laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduation from FIT, Acra studied at the École Supérieure d’Arts et Techniques de la Mode Design School in Paris. She became a mainstream designer in positions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She worked for various companies in pursuit of her fashion career. Before starting her own company, she also worked as a luxury interior designer for three years.

In 1997, she created a beautiful bridal gown for a friend to win a bet if she could complete the dress in three weeks. This first gown was exposed to media and went viral around the world. The gown was even published in The New York Times. So, she invested $20,000 in fabrics with her American Express card, pitched her designs to Saks Fifth Avenue and Kleinfeld. She was surprised to receive orders for 30 dresses. In 1999, she emerged with a new bridal line. People loved her dresses and orders poured in. She created for famous celebrities, as well as ordinary people. Her business expanded to ready-to-wear and casual clothing.

Today, Reem Acra dresses Beyoncé, Jill Biden, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Taylor Swift. “Designing wedding dresses is something extra special, especially when the gowns are eye-catching,” said Reem Acra. Her designs are carried around the world by more than 150 retailers.