What a beautiful moment: the end of a decade and our entry into the darkness of winter is upon us. It’s time to draw your energy inward and to consider the part of you that is existing below the surface. There is a sizeable amount of Capricorn Energy moving through us collectively. Power is condensing. What are you going to do with yours? Somewhere in your chart Capricorn is making a long-term plan. A blueprint of success exists somewhere in the field of unlimited potential. All you have to do is access it in the world of the invisible and pull it into the world of the physical. Turn your mind on what it is you want. See all the details of it and contemplate it every day and that or something better will be yours.

ARIES: There is powerful energy showing up in your career sector. Prepare for a significant shift in the power dynamic in your professional life. Change is upon you. There may be some uncomfortable shockwaves coming at you but in the end, you will be moved up a notch.

TAURUS: Something is going to have you shaken to your core and your entire belief system changes because of it. You might be moving through an experience that takes your understanding of how the world works to new perspectives. You are redefining your place in the whole. You are opening to your own power.

GEMINI: You definitely need to keep an eye on anyone you are in financial or sexual relationships with. Your inner eye should be able to see clearly now. No one that doesn’t pass your deep scrutiny shall be allowed entry. You must be able to rely on your inner circle.

CANCER: You are probably feeling powerful expansion around one or several of your one-on-one relationships. Trust, and even opportunity, is growing. Is there a world where you and your bestie go into business together? The skies are blessing your partnerships of all kinds.

LEO: If you are going to continue looking good in 2020 you are going to need to step up your daily regime. Yoga, nutrition, dance class. Whatever gets you there, Leo, you are going to be drawn to the wellness sector. You may even start a business that helps folks stay fit. Got one already? Watch it grow, grow, grow.

VIRGO: You are feeling especially inspired. The powerful Capricorn situation is firing up your good-luck house of gambling, creativity and baby-making. If you build it, they will come, Virgo. Make a plan and you are unstoppable. Expect blessings to come at you from overseas.

LIBRA: Some dynamics at home are coming to a powerful conclusion. This could include relationships you experienced at home in your childhood or relationships that you engage in at home. The changes will make you more forgiving and open to unconditional love.

SCORPIO: This cluster of opportunity in Capricorn has you social AF this year (that’s As F–k, Grandpa). It’s all about working those networks. Maybe you are building something with roots in your community. Anything to do with communication is expanding. The spoken, written or electronically sent words work strongly for you now.

SAGITTARIUS: Be excited about all the money you’re gonna make this year. Actually, it would be more accurate to say Prosperity exists all around you if you are interested in noticing it. Your material world is blessed. Pick up every penny you see.

CAPRICORN: You are experiencing a re-branding of sorts. Your idea of yourself is expanding. You feel confident in pushing your boundaries outwards. Maybe you want to express yourself through a new a new job. Maybe you want to be your own boss. Push into your A-type, Cappy.

AQUARIUS: Your house of endings is being visited by a horde of Capricorn planets. It’s time to let go of something powerful. A belief. A situation that won’t allow you to be fully yourself. If you feel in any way cramped, get the fuck out of there.

PISCES: Think back twelve years ago. Remember how you plugged into that community of and your whole life expanded. Play it again, Sam. Heaven is flowing at you through the people that you already know. Your community is your fertile soil that you can plant seeds of goodness in.