Credit: Bill Moore photo

You can’t intelligently judge the state of the New York Jets until next season, after general manager Joe Douglass gets to do his thing, re-signing players, and adding new players to the roster through free agency and the draft.

The Jets ended this season 7-and-9, but not much was expected of them in 2019. Those nine losses exemplify that.

There was a new coach and a new GM, but Douglass, the new GM, was hired after the draft, when most of the team was in place.

The Jets do have their quarterback in place, a 22 year old Sam Darnold, drafted in 2018 from USC in the first round, the third overall pick, but he needs more seasoning going into his third year.

The Jets, who started the season 1-and-7 and with a quarterback with mononucleosis, are boasting about their 6-and-2 second half season, but note, Sunday’s 13-6 Jet win over the Buffalo Bills was against a Bills team who rested their first team players for their post season schedule beginning this weekend. They’re a 5-seed representing the AFC Conference. And the Jets’ win against the Pittsburgh Steelers the week before was against a depleted 8-and-8 Steeler team.

Can we really think that the momentum from this 6-and-2 record will transfer to next season. How can it unless most of the players on this current roster will be on the roster in 2020?

When Adam Gase, the Jets head coach was asked about LeVeon Bell, the Jets 13 million dollar a year running back being on next year’s roster, he simply replied, “He’s under contract for three more years.”

Bell, optimistic, although his numbers were down this year, looks forward to the offseason and getting better “and building on what we got.” In those six wins and two losses, Bell believes that they’ve found their groove.

There is no confusion on where Jets’ receiver Robbie Anderson, a soon to be free agent, stands.

“The goal for me is to get the most money and be in the best situation.”

He’ll factor in his years of being with the Jets, but he reiterated, “the No. 1 goal is to get the most money and end up in the best situation possible.”

Anderson was undrafted out of Temple University in 2016 and has built himself into a player of value.

“From a business perspective, why wouldn’t I go out there and see what my value truly could be?”

Gase was more engaging when asked about safety Jamal Adams’ contract, which will also be up for renewal shortly, and extending his years here with this Jets team.

“He’s done nothing but work extremely hard, fight through injury, be there for his teammates, make plays when we needed him to,” noted Gase. “He has been the heart and soul of the defense this year.”