The children of the diaspora are being called home, around the world, and they cannot hear the call. Africa is the richest continent on the planet, and many African Americans do not understand that they are Africans. African Americans and Black people around the globe must understand they are Africans and they have a dual allegiance to the country they reside, and to Mother Africa.

Europeans have no issues with calling themselves German, French or British. They know where their great, great grandmother or father came from, and they understand their heritage. Most African Americans have no idea of what African country they were stolen from, and they are not interested in finding out.

When African Americans are called Africans, they tell the person who they are talking to, they are an American. Many African Americans think that Africans still live in huts, even though many have never had a discussion with an African. Education and knowledge will become essential in America and around the world for people who are Black, and descendants of Africa.

By 2025, it is being predicted that there will be more Africans than Chinese people in the world, and there will be a major scramble to steal the riches off the continent.

“The extent of foreign engagement is unprecedented. Start with diplomacy. From 2010 to 2016 more than 320 embassies were opened in Africa, probably the biggest embassy-building boom anywhere, ever. Turkey alone opened 26. Last year India announced it would open 18,” says Matt Withers of the Economist.

The new surge of major countries getting engaged in the continent is because business, oil, minerals and resources are flowing, and everything is growing exponentially. There are major opportunities for Black people around the globe, and the Black Press in America must lead the way.

There are many African billionaires in many of the countries in Africa, and in 2020 there are major conferences in the country to determine how to best utilize this untapped power. Africa is blessed with a rich treasure of natural resources, but it is the poorest continent on the globe. Exploitation and corruption are pervasive in every country, and the general population is suffering.

In order for the situation in Africa to change, African Americans must begin to invest in Africa, and billionaire Africans must invest in America, with a focus in Black communities. We must begin to learn from each other, and Africans all over the globe must unite.

In Lagos, Nigeria, the richest country in Africa will hold a conference entitled, “Globalization, Pan Africanism, and the African Business Climate,” from Jan. 8-11, 2020. The focus of the conference is to have a conversation about sustainability, and access to a better life for all its citizens. Nigeria is not only the largest economy in Africa, but also the largest oil producer in Africa, and the 11th largest in the world.

From June 4-6, 2020, 1,000 African entrepreneurs will be invited to an African-French Summit to provide solutions to common challenges facing Africa. This challenge will take place in Bordeaux, France, and countries all over the world understand the significance and importance of Africa.

2020 will be the beginning of a major surge of foreign interest and investment in the continent, and descents of Africa are not engaged, and many don’t care. When major counties around the globe are making deals and investing billions of dollars and resources, “Where are the children of the diaspora?” Political unification of the continent is essential, and the countries must fight corruption. Mother Africa is calling its children home to share their immense talents and return the continent to its original greatness. There are many options to share in the renaissance of the continent, but in 2020 it must start by unifying African people from Africa and Black people of African descent across the globe.

Roger Caldwell is a freelance writer and owner of the public relations company, On Point Media Group.