Marquita, Maureen, and Cynthia (288727)

The Gyrlfriend Collective will continue to host live co-author interviews on Thursday, Jan. 9, at 7:30 p.m. Co-writers include Rosalyn McIntosh, Shanell Lee, Dr. Chantrise Holliman, Maureen Carnakie-Baker, Shameka Hatcher and the AmNews’ very own, Nayaba Arinde. The live co-author interviews have been promoting their new book, “Women’s Empowerment, Breakthrough Edition” which will be released January 15 on “Women’s Empowerment, Breakthrough Edition” will mark the Gyrlfriend Collective’s fourth book.

The Gyrlfriend Collective is a well-known full-service independent publishing house which hosts collaborations with women of all different backgrounds to have a safe space where they can empower women based on their personal stories.

“We connect, support, and uplift writers in sharing their experiences through the art of storytelling,” say Gyrlfriend Collective founders Dr. Marquita Smith Blades, Maureen Carnakie-Baker and Cynthia

A. Fontan.

While providing social support, they also give regular, everyday women the opportunity for professional and publishing opportunities. For more information contact