As usual Trump has made this week’s column a no-brainer, which is also an indication of his thinking capacity. And this week’s edition is made all the more easy after former Congressman Charles Rangel offered his observations about the capricious man at the helm of our precarious ship of state.

One of the main concerns we’ve had since Trump arrived at the Oval Office was how he would handle a situation that pushed us to the brink of a disastrous war. Well, we are closer now than ever to that moment of rockets, missiles, drones, and a war machine in full gear, all because he assumed that the U.S. was being targeted for a major terrorist attack.

Now, mind you, his decision to assassinate one of Iran’s top military generals was done not in consultation with Congress and against his own military advisers. It was typical Trump audacity, a typical knee jerk action, from one whose mindlessness has left our body politic a nervous wreck.

Thankfully, as Rangel noted in his interview with this paper, the Iranians limited the retaliation, letting this first shot across the bow be but a warning thereby giving a so-called leader time to reconsider any further exchange of combat.

“All is well,” Trump said during his national address to the nation following the barrage of missiles in Iraq on U.S. bases. Contrary to his delusions, all is not well, and we can be assured that he will find another way to provoke his adversaries, real and imagined.

His actions have once more imperiled us, once again placed us in harm’s way, though, if the reports are accurate, we were spared what could have been widespread carnage.

How all of this will impact the impeachment process is to be seen, but there are sure to be opportunities for the current crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls to zero in on the predicament and intensify their critique of an administration gone completely berserk.

It’s hard to believe that things could become any more perilous than they are now, but we would be naïve to hold that thought for more than a second or two. Not only has Trump abused his power and obstructed Congress he has positioned us on a doomsday course, consistently endangering our lives as well as the lives of millions of others with his maniacal behavior.

We know that the impeachment will not end his reign or curtail his misguided adventures and that makes our demands all the more imperative.

This is a shout-out to those who still believe in Trump, still steadfast in their ignorance of what he means to them and the rest of us who insist that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!