In Trump’s bag of denunciation, no target looms larger than former President Barack Obama, unless of course it’s Michelle Obama.

Last week it was reported that Chef Donald planned to roll back school breakfast and lunch nutrition guidelines that were endorsed by Michelle Obama. And to give the announcement additional resonance, it came on Michelle’s 56th birthday.

Like so many of Trump’s objectives, no rhyme or reason is necessary, though the Department of Agriculture said the new menu would give schools more freedom to cut the number of vegetables and fruits they serve at the two meals, while making more room for french fries, burgers and pizza.

The former First Lady’s nutritional approach was to eliminate fattening foods and snacks, but now it seems another Obama plan is slated for the garbage can.

That was last week and as Trump talked about a rollback, the impeachment process rolled forward, right into the celebrations of the Dr. King holiday and what could roll well into Black History Month.

We expected some nonsense from Trump during King Day and he has rarely let us down as he tweeted a reminder that it was three years ago that he was sworn into office. Moreover, he boasted, without any concern whether it was true or not, that African American unemployment “is the LOWEST in the history of our Country, by far. Also, best Poverty, Youth, and Employment numbers, ever. Great!”

On a day when the nation, if not the world, is reflecting on the legacy and gifts bestowed on us by Dr. King, Trump beats his own breast with facts that we don’t have to check—as he rarely does—that have not a scintilla of truth.

Such outrageous claims are typical announcements by Trump to distract from a day cherished by millions, particularly one honored by African Americans and the Obamas.

But he should know that he can’t distract us from keeping our eyes on the prize, and nothing would please us more than to see him squirm and whine as the impeachment unfolds.

With the hiring of Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, two men who at one time were bitterly opposed, to his defense team he has displayed a sign of desperation, and also a reminder again that politics makes for some strange bedfellows.

Obviously, the strangest of these bedfellows is Trump himself, and how we wish he could be an even stranger elected official. To this end, no matter the outcome of the impeachment we insist that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!