Published on Jan. 15, 2020, “The Gyrlfriend Code Women’s Empowerment, Breakthrough Edition” became an instant best seller in two top 100 categories,

Received exceptionally well, “The Gyrlfriend Code Women’s Empowerment, Breakthrough Edition” “continues to deliver what women want most—true stories (our private and innermost thoughts and moments) we’re usually too afraid to share and rarely have the platform to share it in. Within these pages, meet women who share how they learned at an early age that they needed to lie to fit in. Listen in to the strong women who once hid the ugly truths of molestation and domestic violence.”

Within the less than 200 pages of this slim but powerful book are stories with transparency, vulnerability, magnificent victory, unwavering belief, encouraging outcomes and inspirational perseverance.

The all-female publishing and co-author team of Maureen Canarkie-Baker and Dr. Marquita Blades say, “Walk with women who are learning how to stand on their own (prosthetic) or bona fide two feet, all over again. Emerge empowered. This latest installation of ‘The Gyrlfriend Code’ shares the perspectives of 11 writers who courageously reveal a personal breakthrough that either shifted, altered, or shattered the course of their lives. From breakdowns to breakthroughs, the hope is for readers to become self-aware and assert self-empowerment.”

There are many incredible heartfelt stories. The book is the vision of Rosalyn McIntosh of Sisters Building Sisters in Brooklyn, and she speaks honestly and openly about some of her own difficult issues as a youth which have made her into the strong woman she is now and her domestic violence advocacy. Amsterdam News Editor Nayaba Arinde is also one of the 11 co-authors, and she tells her story of battling breast cancer and triumphantly navigating multiple sclerosis.

For more information, log on to TheGyrlfriendCollective.com or Bit.ly/Nayabasbook.