The power of communication is about changes and acknowledgment of each other’s flaws, strengths, and weaknesses. A degree of courage, determination, tenacity to preserve and rise to the next level is crucial. Being of service to someone in your life is advised to assist each other this month. Don’t take the advice with a grain of salt, but rather listen closely. A warm embrace and having compassion for one another is all you need for inspiration or for someone to share their story. Soar through this week and stay equipped while transiting the perception of the weather. The social new moon in Aquarius is upon us, so attending galleries, museums, lounges, libraries, bookstores, family gatherings, and starting a new regimen are advised for the current week. Massage your ankles, calves, and feet this week. The eyes may tend to be sensitive as well.

Capricorn: Caps, it’s time to press play and get out there, advertise and promote yourself. The power of word-of-mouth is better than any other form of communication. Rest up, allow yourself to relax, take deep breaths, drink water, lukewarm preferably. Be in the moment, feel it, listen to your inner voice. Prepare yourself now to conquer the week and engage with a foot massage, stretch your body for this busy week. Get the word out. Let people know you have a service to offer the world.

Aquarius: Change the direction of the view within and take the lead to venture into new possibilities. Advancements as well as new rules within your workplace, home, and personal relationships take on importance. Be encouraged to implement dynamic changes in your affairs this week. Patience is required to build a successful team now. The last seven years have helped build your character, strength, and the confidence to pursue your dreams. This is your power cycle year to carry out your plans. Attend to details this week. Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, will be a house you call upon.

Pisces: If nothing else this week, it’s time to pull ahead and relinquish yourself from past practices and behaviors. Drop it now before it becomes not only catastrophic but eventually also detrimental. People, places, and things come into your life now to heal, or for a lesson. Thus, life lessons and experiences will motivate you to stay the course. No doubt, this week there may be times you feel like giving up, however, stand strong and accept the path to forge ahead. Aries, Leo, Aquarius will give insight into your circumstances. Ignite that fighting spirit within to take you to the heights of your dreams.

Aries: There are likely to be slight changes in your schedule involving your family, friends, and associates this week. Being honest and not secretive is the preferred recipe to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Most important, be honest with yourself. Look at your reflection in the mirror, and ask if there is something you need to change. A way to enhance your image this week is by way of a different haircut, hairstyle, and choice of clothes. The colors green, blue, gold, yellow, or white will stimulate and revitalize your attitude. Be prepared to counsel a few of your close friends and relatives. Finally, go on a nature walk, swim, exercise, and treat yourself to a facial to add a more vibrant glow to your skin. A good week to rearrange or improve your home, or seek more of a commitment in your relationship, occurs towards the end of the month.

Taurus: You’re likely to experience an optimistic, productive, and socially active week. You’ll seem to be the center of attention. Self-growth, and sharing what products, services or knowledge you have with others takes on a deeper meaning. You will seem to enlighten others by glimpses of future events to come. Use this same cosmic energy to further understand your surroundings and your place in the scheme of things. Yet, there may also be feelings of nervousness and uncertainty. Just remember to remain calm, and take three to four deep breaths to center yourself and gain control. You’re on a mission, a mission to be more structured and organized in the way you go about carrying out your projects and plans.

Gemini: Devote time and attention to reading this week. Absorb what you’ve learned and then apply what information you can. Decisions made operate differently now. Friends, neighbors, and siblings will value your time, leaving you feeling like a relationship consultant. Go out with friends, meet people, and enjoy captivating conversations. Small gestures of appreciation, a warm embrace, and a smile are all that’s needed. Focus on your dietary habits, as you may notice an urge for sweets and foods that could upset the stomach or increase your cholesterol; try to eat such foods only in moderation. Warm or room temp water, at dawn and dusk, will regulate and neutralize your body. If desired, add cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, lemon, or lime to your water. Sea moss is a great source of minerals.

Cancer: A sense of romance, finance, family, career, work obligations may all be coming at you at the same time. Learn to be resourceful and not spread yourself too thin this week while helping everyone out. Your mom, your wife and anyone else for that matter is priority number one. Everybody else has to wait a minute. Decisions have to be made now that require you to drop a habit, a person, place or anything that no longer fits within your space and environment. Financial investments made now suggest possible gains. At the same time, be open to possible losses beyond your control. This week will be a valuable teachable lesson, so take notes and seek guidance when needed. Purple, green, red, and black are colors to add to your wardrobe.

Leo: A family gathering, a night out with friends for a movie, or card and board games, even a potluck dinner, is on the menu this week. Spend additional time together going skating, hiking, camping, visiting museums or laser tag—like being a kid all over again. A few people in your circle will feel the need to confide in you and share their deepest secrets or reveal the truth of the matter. If you need to disconnect from family or a relationship let it be this week to break free from the situation. No need to stick around. Use your common sense: something that isn’t common anymore, people tend to forget that common sense exists. People born on the 7th, 8th, 16th, 17th, 25th and 26th of any month as well under the sun sign Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces. Virgo will enter your life.

Virgo: Third-party and legal matters may need to be addressed this week. Don’t leave anything up in the air. Instead, give it a couple of days to respond, and to gather your thoughts if you don’t have the answers just yet. Stay abreast of the coming news. Some of you may find out you’re expecting, or moving, or about to be laid off; or will perhaps experience a change in the workplace or home. Your home, by the way, may have water-related issues too. Money is forthcoming, so be sure to get the maximum amount of return on your investments. Your feet, ankles, calves, arms, shoulders, and other body parts are likely in need of a workout; after all, Virgos like to stay in shape. Some Virgos may be somewhat tense, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled. A woman of influence may offer you great tips on relationships and health matters. Don’t rush into partnerships now. Instead, let events happen organically. Then, you’ll know for sure. Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, may extend be a helping hand.

Libra: This week may start out a little confusing, but by mid-week everything will make sense. Keep pushing. A child or family member may become a little ill and need your assistance. A business venture with government-related affairs will be a help to fulfill your obligations. Inhale and exhale as many times as needed to cope with impatience and feeling trapped within four walls. Take care of the home and be cautious of who is trying to sell you something. Finding time to yourself will build your emotional state of well-being, and be sure to keep a positive, cheerful and upbeat attitude. Sums of money, unexpected paychecks or artistic ventures may come your way just in time. Someone from your past, be it a high school friend, close relative, an ex, or an old friend could suddenly appear. Remember to give thanks every morning when your feet hit the floor, with eyes open and air circulating through your body.

Scorpio: Do you or a friend have a truth you want to relieve yourself of that’s been weighing you down mentally? Open discussions and address issues: it will be great to talk it out with someone who has an unbiased opinion. A sabbatical from work may be required to take better care of your health. Your HEALTH is imperative! Don’t rush back to work unless you are healed to a reasonable degree. While home, start planning your regimen and lay the blueprint to return to work. Expect some form of compensation coming your way by mid-week. Complete all paperwork, and attend physical therapy appointments. And because you’re such a private person, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help when needed.

Sagittarius: You’re likely to feel a shift of joy within you, and because of it, a leap of faith. This is your “alpha” and “omega” cycle pointing to something new and electrifying. Your just deserts are forthcoming. Travel plans, added to your journey, will only heighten your prospects. Your spirit guide may be relating a message to guide you on the right path. People will encourage you on your mission. But be sure to return a kind gesture to carry out your passions. Persevere through the changing of the weather and to not give up. Keep your energetic, humanitarian resourcefulness in an upbeat vibe this week.