Spring/Summer 2020 designs by Alejandra Alfonso Rojas (289591)

With Spanish tradition and sophistication, designer Alejandra Alfonso Rojas defines casual luxury. Her clothes are influenced by her modern life in New York City. Rojas, a fourth generation hand-knitter, combines both traditional and experimental knitting techniques to create collectible pieces. The designer has a keen eye for tailoring and couture details. She works with impeccable cuts and the finest materials, and focuses on quality finishes. Her natural dyeing techniques play a key role in the spring 2020 collection, and exemplify Alejandra’s commitment to sustainable techniques.

Founded by Laura Vassar Brock and Krisopher Brock, the Brock Collection draws inspiration from a sun-kissed, natural, down-to-earth composite of beauty. The result is clothes that span the range between uptown polish and boardwalk ease. The Brock brand occupies a rarefied space of lived-in romance and thoughtful whimsy. With a focus on craft and cut, their looks are opulent.

Recognized among the fashion industry worldwide, Bevza’s brand is a Ukrainian fashion label. Their strong concept runs inside the veins of each garment. The line is created by the designer Svitlana Bevza, known for the simple, key idea that everything has to be white, more or less, in your wardrobe.

Silhouettes are clean and simple. Her looks reflect a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance. She works with rich fabrics and a perfect fit. The look is pure, simple, minimal, and fresh.

Bevza’s white dress concept explores the idea of achromatic color that replaces the black dress in order to create a new, unprecedented vision of an “iconic, “timeless” and “classical” piece of clothing. Today, Bevza is being sold at top stores globally, including Opening Ceremony, Secret Location, Farfetch and Moda Operandi.