Questions may come to mind this week regarding the status of your health, and overall well-being. Are you living at your best or are you doing just enough to get by? Aim to get up 25 minutes earlier than usual this week. What’s important is that you stick to a schedule before and after bedtime. You’ll find it rejuvenating. Ask yourself how you can provide your services locally, within the communities, and globally as well. Assist your elders without being asked. Lend a hand to your immediate family and friends. Be silent and keep the mind, body, and soul still to reflect. And if you listen closely, that inner voice within will speak softly in your ear. This start of the new month suggests you have an agenda with an upbeat ATTITUDE. Unexplainable unforeseen emotions may suddenly appear. Utilize your energy to put in place a plan of action to move forward with progress. The effect of Mercury’s retrograde shadow is nearby. Instead of texting, emails, etc. make the call; Mercury causes mishaps in communications and technology. For questions or consultations, call 866-331-5088 or visit:

Capricorn: Expand your creativity as well as spread your intellectual charm when dealing with others. A witty conversation or other message to the youth can travel like word-of-mouth—fast! Don’t let minor irritations and frustrations throw you off-center. Stay focused. Carry out your mission with purpose. Include a physical, mental and meal plan for your busy agenda. Remember: eyes on the road and phone put away. STAY ALERT. Attend to any family obligation or duty and keep a clean, peaceful environment. Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo, Libra, in addition to anyone born on dates adding up to a 4, 5, 6 are likely to be in your corner.

Aquarius: A desire to seek freedom of expression is hovering your chart for the week. Allow your imagination to enhance your compassion, thus attracting the respect of others. Social engagements during this cycle are likely to find positive, uplifting people in the mix. Add humor to the pot, which will cheer you up, and others. You’re in a position to be a helping hand to someone as well. Show love, and do so when possible. Upon leaving the house talk with yourself. Make sure you’re on track, including giving yourself extra time. Relax and enjoy the ride. Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius and those born on numbers adding up to a 1, 3, and 8 may have their eye on you.

Pisces: There seems to be a higher source brewing up within you, Pisces, an evolution that enhances your ability to rearrange your home environment and begin an internal cleanse. Your willpower is forceful now. Embrace the humanitarian spirit in your nature and collectively help people through their transition by way of your compassion. You seem to understand people from all walks of life. Inspire them with hope and inspiration to achieve their greatest accomplishments. You will be divinely rewarded in time if you do. Elevation to higher heights is your theme this week. You’re the influential one to leave an impact.

Aries: A calming influence––on family, friends, work, and finances––seems to be all around at once. Handle with care, be patient and take a deep breath. Address concerns one by one in a loving manner. You may have a full plate this week. People are taking notes, so treat them with compassion and wisdom. Don’t judge, for no one is perfect. Instead, show that love, affection, and understanding are essential. The more compassionate you are, you’re able to forgive people’s flaws, faults, frailties, and even acknowledging your own. Capricorn, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius and those born on numbers adding up to 6, 8, 4 will counsel you in your domestic affairs. Don’t take it personally!

Taurus: Advertising your skill-set to others this cycle is a good way to promote yourself. You’re a “people person” and this week will motivate you to communicate and interact with others more. An opportunity of some kind or advancement may be coming your way. With the shadow of Mercury about to go retrograde in the heavens, be sure to dot those i’s and cross your t’s and double-check messages and contacts sent by text or email. You have a magnetic charm that makes you visibly attractive and extremely fine-tuned, noticing every detail. Be fearless. Instill this in others on your weekly journey. Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and those born on numbers adding up to a 3, 5, 6 are in your orbit.

Gemini: For you, February is about health. When was the last time you had a checkup? Don’t feel you always have to be on the grind. Take time to reflect for a moment and appreciate the little things that are often taken for granted. Work on your discipline and stay attuned to follow your hunches. Future endeavors may be calling, along with unexpected changes. With Mercury, ruler of your sign, about to go retrograde, it suggests that sudden and emotional outbursts may occur. Don’t resist a needed change in your habits—your best plan is to fight back with a master plan. Cancer, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Pisces, followed by those whose single digit of birth 2, 7, and 9, may be of help.

Cancer: Practice makes perfect. No one progresses without some kind of obstacle, roadblock or bump in the road thrown in their path. It’s a stepping stone to success—stepping stones leading to life-changing events met with courage and confidence. Think like the entrepreneur, the executive, with the skill-set to take you to the next level. Family and relationship matters may be up in the air, create a piece of art or keep flowers in the home. It’s a good time to gather images and memories of family and loved ones as well. Looking ahead, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius and those born on numbers adding to a 2, 6, or 8 may prove helpful.

Leo: Prophetic dreams, mysteries and seeking of the truth may find this week a revealing experience. Read, relax, and rediscover the things around you. Allow the experience to sink in. As to matters regarding relationships, you may have to cancel a few subscriptions, not that that was on your agenda. However, your goal is to raise your vibrations to a higher frequency, a higher purpose and understanding. Be on the lookout for an Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces or someone born on a date adding to the single-digit of a 2, 7, or 9, beneficial to aid you on your journey.

Virgo: This week is about being steadfast, disciplined and focused. The goal, project or objective is for your mental balance. Nurture and organize your surroundings. It’s vital to display a healthy outlook. Reminisce. Take a trip down memory lane with humor and a desire to enlighten your day. Moments of silence add clarity to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. A cautious approach, and being the peacemaker is highly favored this week. Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Pisces and anyone born on dates adding up to 1, 2, 4, 7 will be around to help connect the dots.

Libra: There’re times when people love to gossip, or you find yourself the one doing the gossiping. Stay abreast of what news is circulating around you. There are possibilities of you embarking on a new journey or advancing in your career. The media, in all its forms, can be an outlet to expand your craft and knowledge. On your social platforms or simple networking, you can be adventurous and exploratory. Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and anyone born on dates adding up to a 3, 5, 6 will aid in advancing your career.

Scorpio: Creating boundaries with family and friends will help rejuvenate your energies this week. So it’s likely to usher in feelings and emotions. Prepare a family dinner, discuss those concerns you may be having and how to rectify issues. Your warm affection is needed especially by those who are sensitive now. Your family genuinely loves you. As a Scorpio, respecting your privacy is crucial and a must. Don’t forget any doctor’s or physical therapy appointments. A good heart and excellent heath are the fundamental elements of good living. It’s indispensable. Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and those born on dates adding up to a 6, 8 may call upon you for guidance or the opposite.

Sagittarius: For any last-minute thoughts or adjustments about your plans, address them now before starting. Your determination, conviction, humanitarian spirit, backed by a powerful imagination, will overcome any naysayers. This can be explained because of this amazing personality you possess. There is a higher call urging you on. You can sense it too. Some relationships may come to a close. Gain advice from influential women as they can discern your circumstances. Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces and those born on date adding up to a 2, 7, 9 can turn the tide in your favor this week as well.