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Armstrong Williams

President Trump’s brilliant plan for Mideast peace has triggered a sandstorm of negativity and deflection from the regular naysayers who attack anything the president says and does.

Critics of his recently unveiled peace plan aimed at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should instead scrutinize the document and recognize its obvious merits.

This peace plan was carefully crafted over multiple years under the leadership of Jared Kushner, relying heavily on expert economic analysis, intelligence data and security assessments. Kushner deserves credit for preparing this thorough blueprint for peace between two peoples who have been at war for far too long.

Actually, one of the most interesting and revealing reactions to the peace plan has been the response of the political parties within Israel, who have a history of staunch disagreement on nearly every issue. However, Israelis across the highly divided political spectrum have expressed firm support for President Trump’s plan, a feat which alone is almost unprecedented. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the plan, as did his political centrist rival Benny Ganz, leader of the Blue and White party.

The simple reason for this resounding consensus is that Trump’s plan makes sense. The plan is responsible; it’s fair and measured. If both the Israelis and Palestinians were to accept the conditions outlined in this plan, it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Under this new two-state peace plan, a viable sovereign state for the Palestinians would be created, which is exactly what they say they have been longing for. The Palestinians would gain open access between the West Bank and Gaza, the return of prisoners, and they would be granted a whopping $50 billion in financial aid. Palestinians would also be compensated for lost West Bank territories with the gifting of areas close to the Egyptian border.

At the same time, Palestinian statehood would be contingent upon the full demilitarization of a Palestinian state and the disarming of Hamas. The Palestinians would be required to oust Gaza’s terrorist leadership and restore legitimate political authority. Palestinians would also be required to remove anti-Jewish content from its schools and educational system. Sounds pretty logical as a foundation for restoring peace.

Benefits of the plan for the Israelis include sovereignty over an undivided Jerusalem, and the incorporation of their housing settlements in the Jordan Valley. Clearly, what has always been the foremost priority for Israel is uncompromised security, and the safeguarding of its innocent civilians and right to live a peaceful life.

What Trump’s plan does successfully is to fulfill the two-state solution that previous failed plans have strived toward. This plan includes a clear path toward economic progress and a healthy society for both the Palestinians and Israelis.

Not surprisingly, the Palestinians have already ridiculed and stonewalled Trump’s plan which follows their long-standing pattern of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. It’s almost as if their corrupt leaders cannot let go of clinging to the need for an unjustified enemy as a tactic for retaining dictatorial authority driven by extremist and violent ideologies. If peace is reached with the Israelis, how would Hamas maintain its exploitation and manipulation of Palestinian children that they indoctrinate as early as 4 or 5 years old?

The Palestinian leadership must stop its anti-Israel propaganda and instead focus on creating a healthy society in which its people can flourish. Imagine the potential for economic growth if only the tension and conflict could be eliminated.

In the weeks ahead, look for apologists of Palestinian terrorism to show their true colors by rejecting this plan as a basis for renewed negotiations and instead continuing their tired tactic of slandering Israel with blood libels, false accusation and an endless stream of venom.

For a perfect case in point see the latest shared by U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. After retweeting an accusation that Israelis murdered a Palestinian child and threw his body down a well, this lie was completely debunked when it was confirmed that the child drowned accidentally as a result of flooding. Rather than apologize, Rep. Tlaib instead issued a statement that she would “strive to hold myself to the highest standards for what I share.”

The American people deserve better from their representatives in Congress. And the Palestinian people deserve the type of leaders who will finally decide to forego their commitment to attacking Israel in favor of the route so clearly laid out for them in the Trump administration’s plan.

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