F/W '20 designs by CAAFD's Emerging Designer Collective (290502)

Every season, the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD) handpicks some of the finest talents in the global fashion industry. The CAAFD’s goal is to back young talented designers who want to do business in the United States. On a stage that’s set with glittering runways, the best brands are unveiled and curated brands as models cruise through in elegance. This season, CAAFD has partnered with IMG and Pier 59 Studios. For fall/winter 2020, the choice designer brands include YUKASH, Ruth Zabetta and Sania Maskatiya.

Their fall/winter ’20 presentations were filled with intense styles and delightful elegance. In collaboration with I Fashion Network, the CAAFD unveils a group of distinctively emerging brands from various parts of the world. Selected through a rigorous selection process, these designers showcased their intriguing designs at New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

YUFASH is designed by Kadri Klampe, an Estonian-born, founder and designer of the line. Made for the confident and powerful women of the world, Yufash is a unique and forward-thinking brand. All garments were fabricated exclusively in England. Founded in 2015, Klampe and Yufash have experienced skyrocketing popularity. Their designs have been featured on the hit television series “Scream Queens.” Yufash is one of the few designers chosen as part of the CAAFD’s incubate/nurturing program. This is her​ third​ season showing with the collective.

Couture designer RUTH ZABETTA’s was raised in both Spain and the Dominican Republic. Her unique cultural influences enhance her designs. Known for modern lines and cuts that maintain a feminine presence, Zabetta Couture strives to create beautiful silhouettes that are consistent through all the pieces. Zabetta couture is also among the few designers chosen as part of the CAAFD’s incubate/nurturing program. She returns for her fourth seasonal showcase.

SANIA MASKATIYA is a Pakistan-based designer who represents a new generation of fashion talent from the region. Breaking conventions, she has been quick to become Pakistan’s most lauded designer. ​ For fall/winter 2020, Sania Maskatiya’s third season included a full presented ​her full collection under her primary brand, SANIA MASKATIYA. The brand only uses pure, luxe fabrics that are cut and draped in a range of directional but feminine ​ silhouettes. The backroom work is done by the finest craftsman of Pakistan.