President Barack Obama (264764)
President Barack Obama Credit: YouTube/Obama Foudation

What makes a person jealous of someone else? There are some factors that play into this character flaw. However, first, why can’t we be happy for another person or group? Why can’t we wish them well and applaud their accomplishments? I believe that is the American way.

While it is the American way, some of us fall into the jealousy trap. We question someone else’s credentials and qualifications. We make unflattering comments about how someone gained a promotion or increase in salary. We spread gossip and innuendo about their heritage and background.

Today, American politics are at an all-time low. The mudslinging has become so commonplace that we think nothing of it. We have simply become immune to it. We have a new ailment that has come onto the political scene and that is presidential jealousy.

I don’t ever remember a current president taking constant and ongoing digs at a former president. Now, I can say that I have seen it. Since almost day one, Donald Trump has made disparaging and disrespectful remarks about Barack Obama. Quite honestly, this verbal assault started before Donald Trump became president of the United States.

Mr. T as you recall questioned President Obama’s citizenship. He did so even when it was certified and verified that Barack Obama was an American citizen. This is the type of acrimony and confusion that Mr. T is famous for starting. He says so much vile stuff that he has some people believing his lies.

While not in the White House a week, POTUS asserted he had a larger inauguration than President Obama. Of course, that was untrue. The fact checks said the same thing. Only those in his camp said otherwise. We know now that those in his administration have been bamboozled and swallowed the tainted juice.

Mr. T recently stated that Obama’s economic numbers were poor compared to his robust numbers. Again, we know this to be wrong. Donald Trump cannot get President Obama out of his mind or out of his mouth. Everything that he does he wants to compare to the former president. It is always mine is better than Barack Obama’s.

POTUS is a fan of polls. His stilted thinking is that he is more popular than the former president. Those of us who are right thinking know that Barack Obama is one of the most popular presidents in recent history. Mr. T is familiar with only two words. He knows the pronoun “I” and the indirect object “Me.” Wrongly, he thinks he is king of the world.

Many of us get nauseated when we hear him and his false narratives. His fixation with President Barack Obama will not stop anytime soon. He is narcissistic. This attitude of superiority has always been a part of his makeup. He’s fallen and he can’t get up.

The current president is awash in arrogance and conceit. He does not have the presidential competence or compassion to lead with integrity. This makes it impossible for him to be the voice of America. As a result, our country is viewed negatively by the rest of the world.

This POTUS doesn’t measure up to his predecessor. His comparisons are baseless, puny and have no merit. There is nothing that Mr. T can say or do to alter this fact. It is a chilling reality that he must live with each day. Thankfully, we had a president in Barack Obama who cared about people.

The current administration falls woefully short in all categories when put against former President Obama. It is fruitless and futile to compare the two of them. Let Mr. T know that he should stop trying.

Dr. James B. Ewers Jr., is a youth advocate, consultant, author and president emeritus of the Teen Mentoring Committee (TMC) of Ohio.