The First Baptist Church of Crown Heights hosted its Annual Jazz and Poetry Evening on Feb. 27 as part of its Black History Month celebration. The featured musical artist was saxophonist Gene Ghee and his Trio, which included Radam Schwartz, Hammon B3; Ron Jackson, guitar; G. Earl Grice, drums. Together they played some foot tapping, head bobbing jazz that resonated with the audience joyfully. 
After the first set came the poets and they were all outstanding. To mention just a few, Christian Waterman’s self-written poem spoke of advocating hip hop to greater legitimacy. Then Angelica Kreations’ poem was a profound dramatization memorializing the four little girls who became victims of Alabama’s 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963. She was followed by Michael Sanders, a published poet, who rendered three short poems focused on love, the essentials of reading, and why not quit. Finally, Denise Hinton, a published poet, spoke poignantly about family life. 
The evening was part of the Church’s Jazz Vesper program, renamed the Rev. D.G. Bloodsaw Jazz Vesper Program in honor of the program’s founding pastor who has since relocated. It presents musical concerts four times yearly commemorating jazz, a music created by African Americans expressing the joys and pains of surviving in in a new land, which became America’s original art form. 
The newly installed and only the third Shepherd of the 67-year-old church is Rev. Rashad Raymond Moore, an avid music and jazz fan, who is taking the church to greater heights. 

FBCCH is located at 450 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn NY.