The skin is the largest organ of the body and is a mirror image of what is going on inside and outside. It maintains the correct internal temperature of the body. It allows chemical substances to enter and exit the body. At one time, it was thought that nothing could go through the skin and affect the internal workings of the body. Certainly this has been proven to be wrong. For example, today, many medications are used on patches and can penetrate the skin with exact dosages. When an allergic reaction takes place in the body, the skin is oftentimes the first organ to show an imbalance.

In today’s world, everyone wants to get rid of body odors and substitute creams and lotions to smell attractive. It seems like it’s beyond bath to get rid of objectionable odors. All you have to do is go to any mall and it seems like there are many stores ready to serve up a delicious odor. Soaps and body lotions from all over the world can be found in these sanctuaries. I would like to inform you however, that many of these odor fighters are filled with chemicals that can be absorbed into the body and can cause many toxic symptoms. It has been my experience that when a person has some unexplained medical condition they are never asked by their physician what lotions, soaps, lipsticks and other beautifying agents they might be using. Remember, women eat toxic chemicals every day when they use lipsticks.

I remember treating a patient who had experienced a terrible vaginal irritation. In questioning her, I found out that she was using a product known as CN in the bath water to assure cleanliness, not realizing that this same toxic product was irritating her vagina and killing the good bacteria allowing yeast to overtake the normal flora. I’m sure that you might know of a product called, Phisohex. This is a detergent cleanser. At one time, it was used to cleanse infected wounds. It was also used by many mothers to bathe their babies with. It has now been discouraged from use due to the fact of its toxic effect. In fact, on the bottle it now says, “This compound may be toxic if used other than has been directed.”

You know that old expression when someone thinks too much of themselves, the old folks used to say, “You must be smelling yourself.” I know we all smell sometimes and we call it BO and lord, you know how we all try to get rid of it. God did not make us flowers therefore we should not try to smell like one. In fact, I remember not too long ago men were using musk oil to attract women and that stuff really stunk. I guess it was attractive to women but many women don’t like stinky men.

In closing, don’t be a dope, and use all those lotions and soaps. I am sure you will be able to cope with your friends and relatives by being your natural self. You may really say Amen to your skin which was given to protect us from the harmful environment.