At his daily press conference on Tuesday—well, maybe propaganda podium—Trump said he could see a light in the tunnel, suggesting the COVID-19 was nearing an end. The light in the tunnel may be the virus itself, hurtling down on him and the rest of us.

Gov. Cuomo also talked about the COVID-19 in metaphorical terms, saying it was once referred to as a freight train, “but now it’s a bullet train,” given the speed at which it has spread.

The two trains running may have amused the late playwright August Wilson, but they indicate the wide disparity between Trump and the governor as they grapple with remedies and an analysis and plans to halt the menace.

Gov. Cuomo’s daily reports have given him a renewed national reputation for his sound reasoning and conclusions about how to deal with the pandemic. The governor may have made some miscalculations at the start, but he quickly got on the right track.

Meanwhile, Trump, as ever, continues to veer off track and into a deeper quagmire about the situation and offering solutions that imperil the nation even more. What a terrible fate for our country that in a time when sound leadership, good judgment, empathy, and a desire to listen to scientists and experts is absolutely required, we are stuck with ignoramus, a numbskull, an egomaniac and autocrat who thinks he has all the answers to this pressing and lethal problem.

Among his most recent plans to stabilize the plague and get the economy on an even keel is to put people back to work by Easter. That action, according to most experts and epidemiologists, would not be a good move.

But Trump has a bucket of unwise moves and that inexhaustible supply could spell doom for far too many people now attached to the precious few ventilators.

Many pundits are betting that if this pandemic isn’t handled properly, it could considerably damage Trump’s bid for a continuing occupancy in the Oval Office. Thus far, he’s shown no comprehension of how to manage the danger. He has been talking about wartime measures to combat the disease but he has failed to demonstrate that he is a general capable of winning this war.

It is our hope, Trump, that the light you talked about provides some glow and vision that to date you have been devoid of. Let that little light shine in such a way that you can see some viable means of salvation as we teeter on the brink of a total catastrophe.

Never have we been so adamant and terrified in our scream that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!