Michigan, and mainly Detroit, can’t catch a break nowadays. After being fiscally demolished and forced into bankruptcy in 2013, the city—and the state—are now reeling from the spread of coronavirus.

The latest terrible news, like the bankruptcy, is all about numbers: by Monday afternoon, with more than 6,500 cases, Michigan was fourth in known cases of the virus, trailing New York, New Jersey and California. It is also fourth in known deaths from the disease behind New York, New Jersey and Washington.

Detroit, of course, is the state’s epicenter for the outbreak, and those cases increase by the hour, practically overwhelming hospitals and health care workers.

Exacerbating this crisis, Trump has unleashed another round of vitriol on two of Michigan’s most prominent women: Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Trump accused GM of “dragging its feet” on the production of ventilators. “Always a mess with Mary B.,” he tweeted, citing the GM leader by name.

Gov. Whitmer got a more insulting sobriquet, with Trump calling her “Gretchen ‘Half’ Whitmer,” charging that “she doesn’t have a clue.”

On the criticism of GM, Trump only has to check his tweets to see who’s been dragging his feet on getting more vitally needed ventilators into play. The scarcity of ventilators, masks, and other medical supplies would not be a problem if he had not put his destructive denials in the way.

To think that Trump has the chutzpah to say someone hasn’t a clue is absolutely mindboggling, given the countless number of misinformed, wrongheaded, blatantly stupid decisions he has made.

We could say he was a doofus, to recall a word of dismissal from another generation, but that doesn’t deliver the required menace of his actions. Attacking the two women from Michigan is part of his modus operandi, so it comes as no surprise.

The nation, no, the world, is enduring a seemingly endless wave of pain and disaster, and is so desperately in need of a cure and a calming palliative. Instead, we have incessant tweets from a twerp who is clueless and totally devoid of empathy.

Impeachment proved ineffective and now he faces a troubled economy and a surging disease, and how all of this plays out in the end as he seeks another four years in the White House is mainly left to voters. Well, our vote was cast months ago and it underlines our cry that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!