The spotlight is on sustainability, and color curator Linus Leonardsson presented his spring/summer ’20 collection, called, “See you in the Fog,” for Pantone’s newest Viewpoint Color issue. The clothes were spectacular. Wanting to see an end to cheap, fast fashion, this designer rejects newness in favor of repaired and reusable, leftover, scavenged materials. Leonardsson’s psychedelic story of color, shape and texture was dazzling.

Leonardsson’s looks explode on the runway in an abundance of previously unwanted materials. There were stylish earrings made from empty laughing gas canisters that he collected and recycled from the streets. “The beauty of recycling lies within its inner contrast. Using something that’s been disposed of to make something desirable,” said Leonardsson. “Although fashion sees a lot of great initiatives, including upcycling and recycling materials, and metal and digital clothes, it makes little difference unless we change our pattern of consumption.

“I think folks must be more emotionally engaged when shopping,” he concluded.

Before making a clothing purchase, ask yourself whether or not you need or will love the dress, pair of shoes, coat, skirt, pants, piece of jewelry, or what have you for years to come. Otherwise, it doesn’t belong in your wardrobe.

For spring/summer’20, Leonardsson merged party strobe lights with the bright northern summer nightlights. The results created a color palette of breezy pastels that blended beautifully together with bright neon hues. He added folds of silver lamé, ultra-violet, azure blues and pinks. These tones were dramatically laced with acid green.

The color of the season is classic blue. You will also see lots of Jasmine (lime green), Peacock Blue, Mercury (grey), Pansy (purple), Jolly Green, Sweet Lavender, and Rouge Red.

At London Fashion Week (LFW), Pantone’s fashion color report focused on four neutral tones. For autumn/winter, their message conveyed strength and purpose with a sense of optimism, said Leatrice Eiseman, creative director at Pantones Color Institute. London’s fall/winter ’20 color collection included Mandarin (an orange/red hue), Samba, Sully Red, True Blue, Exuberance, Military Olive, Celery, Ultramarine Green, Strong Blue, Burnt Henna, and Tawny Birch.