No one flips, flops, flubs and fibs faster and more often than Trump. He has vacillated so many times on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic that people are left with little understanding of the crisis, which may be his objective.

Add belligerence, bluster and bombast to the above items and the Trump profile is given a wider dimension of total incompetence and delusion of grandeur. But let’s stay with flubs for a moment since he dropped another one the other day when he said he has saved “billions of lives” in the nation from the pandemic. Billions, Trump, when there are at last count 330 million people in the U.S.?

This recent fantasy of his brought to mind his map mess when Hurricane Dorian raged last September, and Trump, armed with Sharpie, drew a circle around Alabama projecting the storm’s path and attempting to correct his previous mistake. That one came before he congratulated folks in Kansas for the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl, not realizing the team is actually from Missouri.

Like his lies, Trump’s mistakes could fill volumes, and the recent round of exaggerations, blame-games, and assailing former President Obama is nothing more than playing to his political base and keeping his re-election bid at the top of the agenda.

That quest of his is undergoing severe damage as the pandemic upends the economy, which was the centerpiece of his planned campaign. Proposing to add his name to the promised checks earmarked for distressed and unemployed Americans was another gambit on his part, though that one will be minimized since those receiving direct deposits will not see it. And even those who get the checks via the mail will have his name enclosed only via a memo.

He has tried several ways here lately to make the virus work in his favor with a number of possible solutions, none of them approved by medical experts, and he continues to clash with governors over just when the schools, stores, and other public facilities will be reopened.

“Liberate Minnesota” and “Liberate Michigan” are among a series of tweets he has blasted, provoking members of his base to protest at various state capitals, demanding the nation’s economy be resumed.

Getting the economy back up is paramount for his campaign and he appears to be willing to do this even at the risk of endangering more lives, including the “billions” he has already saved.

All of this amounts to merely more of Trump’s incredible fantasies that too many Americans have bought into. Here’s a bargain we offer—Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!