At this time, protecting your life and the lives of others is a social responsibility! American designer Dara Senders is making an antibacterial and reusable mask that will give back to those combating COVID-19 and communities in need. For every mask purchased, the company will donate the same number of masks.

Like so many small fashion business owners, accessories designer Senders has been heavily impacted by the effects of COVID-19. After putting her business on hold, she immediately decided to roll up her sleeves and start working on how her brand could be of help during this crisis. After weeks of research and trying to find materials to aid in the shielding of viral community transmission, her team obtained a limited stock of reusable and breathable neoprene with antibacterial ATB-UV+ characteristics. As for the materials used to create the mask, ATB-UV+ is the future generation of antibacterial fibers. Cutting-edge evaporation technologies create a fiber that remains 99.9% bacteria free. In addition to their masks being antibacterial and UV protective, they are also 100% machine washable, waterproof, quick-drying, non-toxic, flexible and very comfortable.

The Dara Senders Face Mask is a smart solution that’s different from the standard cotton fabric masks.

To help combat COVID-19 and protect yourself and others, wearing a mask is a must for everyone. To purchase masks, visit https://darasenders.com/covid19.

Before launching her label in Paris in 2018, Senders produced a style blog and sold hand-knitted accessories to her community. A native of New Jersey, Senders moved to Paris in 2016 and found a team of talented couturiers to create her current fashion collections. She focuses on fashion accessories for women of all sizes, ranging from small to 3X.

Her clothes are well-constructed in luxurious materials, including crepes, twills, chiffons and silk. Senders showcases hats, jewelry, jackets, shawls, dresses and scarves. Today, she works out of her Paris showroom.