The way we traveled in the past is over. Already airlines are starting to require that passengers wear masks. Who knows what else will change? But there will also be opportunities as the travel industry adapts.

One of latest innovations are hotel bonds. You know how U.S. Treasury bonds work: you buy it now and redeem later. The concept is similar. Think “buy now and stay later.”

Ok, so you’re wondering, how does this work? In a nutshell, you purchase a hotel bond today at one of the participating hotels, at a rate of $100. Once you’re ready to book a stay at a later date (and after the 60+ day maturation) the hotel bond will be worth a value of $150. To help you visualize it, imagine you bought a gift certificate for $100 and when you spend at maturation it’s worth $150. You can buy five bonds for one hotel; you spend $500 and in 60 days the value is $750.

You enjoy the financial benefit, but it also helps the hotel industry support their housekeepers, hosts, bartenders and concierges. It’s a win-win for everybody. There are nearly 150 hotels participating already. You can get a look at which hotels are in on this and more about the program at

To inspire your wanderlust, take a peek at three of the options of where you can spend your hotel bond. You’ve heard so much about Tulum, put it on your must-see list. One hot spot is Casa Violeta. Forget the crowds; this is a chic boutique hotel on the sandy white shores Tulum is famous for. Tulum is all about spirituality. After all you’ve been through, you’re ready for a respite. 
Wrap yourself in the Mayan culture. Take part in yoga, and the journey that is temazcal, a healing ritual used by the Mexican Aztecs, Mayans and Native Americans since forever. If you’re curious, temazcal uses hot volcanic rocks infused with healing waters to create a steam bath/sweat lodge atmosphere. The process summons the power of the four elements entwined with sacred sounds in the traditional ceremony. Expect cleansing of mind, body and spirit. Then there are massages at the spa. You’re likely feeling better already.

If you want something closer to home, consider Eastwind, in Windham, New York. Go for one of the 19 accommodation options. Make it special with one of the Lushna cabins for a glamping vibe. You know you can’t go wrong in the Catskills, with Windham Mountain, the Saugerties Lighthouse and of course the Kaaterskill Falls. Take the nearly two-mile round trip hike to the infamous falls. There’s a roadside trail. Or if you’re not down for that, drive to the top and relish the view.

And if the pandemic taught us nothing else, it’s to stop putting off what we can do now until tomorrow. Seize the day. No doubt, you’ve been dreaming about beautiful St. Bart’s in the French West Indies. Make it happen. The place to stay is Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa. You can’t beat the location, a beautiful crescent bay. It’s French chic and but with island chill. Feast on cuisine by Michelin-starred French chef Guy Martin. Spend your time on the beach, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, or swimming in natural pools. Refresh yourself at the spa with its Nordic baths and hot tubs.